Hello Patriots! Meet Christi Tasker P.S. You’re entering the life of a serial globetrotting entrepreneur living in Miami. Welcome to my life as a global creative brand director, Designer, NBC News social media pioneer, #GlammaGAGA, mom of an OR nurse and @TravelingPoodle, wife of a Brit, interior design educator + more. Follow me on Instagram if you really want to find out more about me or travel like a Rockstar for less.

Exclusive articles:

First Human Clone Produced In Bahamas In 2002 By French Scientist Brigitte Boisselier Clonaid

According to the clone aiding site, CLONAID™, they are the world's first human cloning company. In the first couple of years, CLONAID™ has received...


Military Vaccine Mandate Lawsuit Oral Arguments Led by Defending The Republic & Sidney Powell

For Immediate Release  Military Vaccine Mandate Lawsuit Oral Arguments...

Steve Kirsch’s Fact-based COVID-19 Protocol

Steve Kirsch's Fact-based COVID-19 Early Treatment Protocol  Twitter banned Steve...

Chinese patent for the use of graphene oxide in a nanotech coronavirus vaccine

This is a real patent filed by the Shanghai...

Sent An Email To Any Boards Mandating Mask Wearing

Being a part of our local governments and creating...
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