How to Avoid The Coronavirus Vaccine Even If Your Employer or School Requires Vaccinations

How To Avoid the Coronavirus Vaccine & Conversations To Have At Work & School

Get Your Free Vaccine Exemption Certificate – Have It Notarized & Avoid Vaccinations in 47 States

This is an opinion from a mother, glamma gaga, Nanyang, and Godmother. I am not a doctor, nurse, or medical provider. I am just giving you my opinion and solutions to help you research to avoid any harmful health crisis for your family. I believe we should all have options, and just because the radical left would like to depopulate, I will not be a part of it. 

How can I avoid coronavirus vaccine to go to work?

The United States has the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to protect citizens against tyrannic healthcare issues. There are ways around being forced to take vaccinations to go to work or school.

GREAT NEWS: The Pandemic Preparedness in the Workplace and the American With Disabilities Act is in play!

Considering the number of recommended vaccinations has risen by more than 50% in short timespans – it’s more important than ever to take control of your own health and be informed about what ingredients make up the coronavirus vaccines and other vaccines.

Additionally, rumor has it that the vaccines have not been properly tested and are in trial mode. I’ve even heard stories about insurance companies not paying out on policies because the insurance company states that the covid vaccine is a trial drug.

How to Avoid Coronavirus Vaccine For Employers or School

All you have to do to avoid taking the vaccinations is have an exemption certificate notarized. Yes, it’s really that simple. Here are your free work vaccination exemption certificate and your free school vaccination certificate for your kids.

Free Work Vaccination Exemption Certificate for Adults

Free School Vaccination Certificates for Child

Free Vaccination Sample Letter PDF or Copy & Paste 

How To Research Vaccines and See The Truth For Yourself

We are in the process of adding as much information and research to Patriots Perspective daily. As a matter of fact, I find myself writing articles like this in between other normal work so that people like you can be informed. I realize the mainstream media has let us all down with untruths, and they fail to research or redact comments when they are wrong. It’s tough to spend so much time researching on your own. When you do research… It’s most important that you’re completely researching via Duck Duck Go on the stories and possibilities for how vaccines could affect your children. Google and other big tech are suppressing information. So much so that the government watchdog group Judicial Watch sued the CDC over their communications with the BIG TECH execs at Facebook, Instagram(owned by Facebook), Twitter, and YouTube (owned by Google), and even Linkedin (owned by Microsoft).

Stories I’ve heard about harmful vaccines & why I’m writing this quickly…

I’ve heard several stories investigating vaccinations developed that were known to cause autism, especially in young black males. It’s a sad truth, but we have proof presented by a Florida Representative that Vaccines Caused Autism in Young Black Males. Needless to say, if I had school children, I would not consider the COVID-19 vaccines, and if I knew now what I knew when my daughter was younger, I would have put these certificates to work for her:

College Vaccination Exemption Certificate

School Vaccination Exemption Certificate

Free Vaccination Sample Letter PDF or Copy & Paste 

The United States is like Baskin Robbins other than we have 52 Flavors.

States With Religious and Philosophical Exemptions From School Immunization Requirements

While each state is different, so is the legislature. Much like Election laws, vaccine laws are also made law by your state legislatures. Here is a complete list of States With Religious and Philosophical Exemptions From School Immunization Requirements.  Hint: Guess which States don’t have a religious exemption for vaccines? Answer: California, Mississippi, and Maine.

What can you do about Religious exemption and Avoid The Coronavirus Vaccine in your state? 

Contact your state legislature whether your state is on the list or not. Your state legislatures must know that citizens of the state are watching what they are doing and that you keep your freedoms and the people of California, Mississippi, and Maine getting their religious freedoms back. Next, we’re researching…

How To Avoid The Coronavirus Vaccine for Travel

I advise you do the same letter to the airline. If they respond they are only taking vaccinated passengers, ask them:
  1. Did British Airways four pilots die in the same week after taking the vaccination? It’s because they’ve had three pilots die of blood clots in the air.
  2. Are they going to be responsible for any adverse side effects and your future health for taking a trial drug?
  3. Will they also provide you with a life insurance policy that covers payouts for experimental trials?

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