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Christi tasker

Propaganda destroyer, freedom fighter, Glamma Gaga, human rights & medical freedom activist
Pamela Reeves Best New Podcast

Pamela REeves

CHRIST’S MOM & co-host
Daughter of Army Attaché, lived in Turkey, Mexico, Thailand, & Africa. Health & wellness activist.
American Flag Trouser

Welcome to Patriots Perspective Podcast Hosted by Christi Tasker, Listen To Today's News Behind The Government's Facade!

Bringing You The News Behind The Government’s Facade and Reminding Freedom Lovers of their God-given inalienable rights and how to use them!

Before STOLUS takes his fourth nap of the morning or the mockingbird mainstream media owned by six of the elite families even think of coming out with their 4 am propaganda talking points… real Patriots have woken up to question the narrative, conduct the research, and can show the proof.

Listen to interviews from a Patriots Perspective – where real people ask the forbidden questions and keep Jenn Saki circling all the way back to playing Mark Zuck the buck.

While the Communist News Network anchors are kicked back in their posh studios letting elites like Bill Gates hide behind the masks of philanthropy, goodwill, equity, and equality, Patriots Perspective gives a voice to censored scientists, doctors blowing the whistle, and attorneys know law and order.

Folks, it’s time to take off the blinders and help others do the same. We’re making it easy for you to find the truth and show your family and friends the evidence.

There’s nothing equal about the same wealthy white men in the world spoon-feeding your family propaganda just because they fund the technological Townsquare and the mockingbird media and the World Health Organization and Dr. Fraudci’s NIH, all while they conveniently applied for bodily cryptocurrency patents years ago!

We’re here to show you exactly why the Khazarian mafia needs Vegas strippers posing as “fact-checkers” to censor free speech!

Get ready! Buckle up! Get out your notepad and listen with a clear mind. Learn the truth about our history and beware of Chrislam.

Come down the DUMBS, over the border to forbidden Antarctica to Epstein Island via Lolita Express!

Yep! We’re going all the way around the world to expose ALL the News behind the Facade with the patriots that have been there and done that and have the documents and God-given testimony to prove it!

Welcome to the News Behind the Facade.

Welcome to Patriots Perspective.

WARNING: some of the conversations in this show may resemble Hollywood movies, Tell-Lie-Vision shows, or counter the Communist News Network.

Now, hit that like button and leave a comment below telling us where you are in the world!

Here’s your freedom-fighting host – Christi Tasker!


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Guests Include:

Michelle Stefanick, Oath Taking Truth Teller Podcast, Podcast With Michelle Stefanick, Tell The Truth Until They Don'T Like What You Have To Say
Michelle stefanick
Former Nairobi Financial Auditor who’s discovered government black opp monies.
Sheila Holm Author History America Books
Author to Our Father’s His-story lessons for the sake of America.
Fritz Springmeier, Lluminati, Author
fritz springmeier
Researcher & Illuminati author. He’s lived with and helped members of the illuminati, deep state Cabal out
Ohio Brett, Ohiobrett Show, Ohio Brett Show, Ohio Brett Show, Ohio Brett Podcast
Visiting the locker rooms & fields of all 50 states to unite for Team America
Meghan Walsh Podcast
CPS & Family Court activist
Daughter of John Walsh exposes fraud & corruption in the CPS, family court, National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC)
Penny La Shepard Podcast Episodes, About Penny La Shephard, Who Is Penny La Shephard
Penny la shepard
MK Ultra Mind-control Hollywood CIA actor, musician, & daughter of Irene & Josef Mengele, possible sister of Hollywood agent John.
Carmen Studer Podcast, Carmen Studer, Carmen Struder, Podcaster
carmen studer
Real-life blind side mom, life lover, podcaster, and Youtube show host.
Lecrutia Hughes. Lucretia Hughes Show, Podcaster
lucretia hughes
Conservative activist for God, family, country. Mother of 4, Grandmother of 7 and producer.
Frank De Varona, Bay Of Pigs Survivor, Speaker, Teacher, Author
Retired Miami Dade Professor is an extensive researcher & detailed documentarist and author of multiple books.

Patriots Perspective - Today’s News Behind the Government’s Facade

Patriots Perspective
Our news is factually built on whistleblowers and evidence and most often coordinates with government documents, court transcripts, deep state authors, and untwisting MSM’s words. ”They” always tell us all about their agenda. These Satanists need you to ”buy” into their ”visions” produced and distributed on your TELL-LIE-VISION. Break the psyops and join the conversation and enjoy the research. Most importantly, learn to PRAY, discover TRUE FAITH, and gain COURAGE to take your life, family, and country back!

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