First Human Clone Produced In Bahamas In 2002 By French Scientist Brigitte Boisselier Clonaid

According to the clone aiding site, CLONAID™, they are the world’s first human cloning company. In the first couple of years, CLONAID™ has received enormous media coverage.
So we ask a few simple questions to follow the money and the “scientist” behind this pet project.

Who founded the first human clone company Clonaid?

Clonaid, the world’s first clone development company, was founded in the Bahamas. Founded in February 1997 by RAEL and a group of investors who created the Valiant Venture Ltd Corporation, a Canadian company based in the Bahamas with headquarters in Las Vegas.
Yes, I realize that part alone is confusing, we are still researching the truth of these two places and why they are registered as a Canadian company operating in the United States.

Where was Clonaid based?

On June 15, 1998, Brigitte Boisselier said the headquarters of Clonaid was located in Las Vegas.

Where is Clonaid located?

and that Clonaid did not have enough funds for human cloning research

 U.S. President Bill Clinton requested that private companies pass their own moratorium. Claude Vorilhon, the founder of Raëlism, was opposed to this move and denied that the technology used to clone was inherently dangerous.[5]

.[6] On December 19, 1998, a New Scientist article said the cost of Clonaid cloning services would be $200,000, much lower than the $2.3 million that researchers at Texas A&M University planned to use for cloning a dog named Missy. Mainstream scientists said it was unlikely that Clonaid would be able to clone anything in the near future.[7] Although the project’s ultimate objective was human cloning, Boisselier said that pet cloning would help finance the operations.[6]

Where is Clonaid today?

Due to the pressure mounted on the Bahamas government by French journalists, Valiant Venture Ltd was canceled as government representatives thought the laboratories would be established on the Bahamas Island.
Meanwhile, the list of serious potential customers had grown to more than 250 people!

Raelian Bishop Dr. Brigitte Boisselier aka Brigitte Roehr Runs Clonaid

During the year 2000, Rael decided to hand over the CLONAID™ project to Dr. Brigitte Boisselier, aka Brigitte Roehr, a Raelian Bishop.
To start working on actually cloning the first human being with a team of well-trained scientists. Dr. Boisselier has Ph.D. degrees in physical and biomolecular chemistry.
In her last job, she was a marketing director for Air Liquide, a large chemical company in France.

The First American Couple To Clone a Baby
In the summer of 2000, an American couple who wanted to help develop this technology to have a baby contacted Dr. Boisselier. They were the first major investors funding the equipment and the laboratory needed, and CLONAID™s first human cloning laboratory was set up in early 2001.

In the summer of 2001, following several visits from U.S. government representatives to our facilities, CLONAID™ decided to pursue its human cloning project in another country where human cloning is legal.

Where Is Proof of Cloned Babies?

After a court in Florida launched a child welfare investigation, she stated that the cloned child’s parents had withdrawn their offer to provide evidence of the cloning and would have no further public comment. No evidence of the cloning, or subsequent procedures reported by Clonaid, was ever offered, and the announcements were widely perceived to have been a hoax.

Is Cloning Humans a Hoax?

While some claim that cloning humans are a hoax, there is a reason there was never any proof presented by the funders or scientists involved. It is illegal to clone a human in the United States. Therefore, we must ask ourselves…

Was the US Government Involved In the First Human Clone Experiment?

As we learn more and more about the Deep State, US Government corruption under the Bush, Clinton, and Obama administrations, we must consider that our government was involved in the first human clone. Notice: how little news there is on clones and there’s never been a real answer. 

Is the United States Deep State Government Covering Up Cloning To Use For Themselves?

Does the US Allow Human Cloning? Does the US Clone Humans?

On May 31, 1997, an issue of the popular science magazine New Scientist said that the International Raëlian Movement was starting a company to fund the research and development of human cloning. This alarmed bioethicists who were opposed to such plans. They warned lawmakers against failing to regulate human cloning. At the time, European countries such as Britain had banned human cloning, but the United States had merely a moratorium on the use of federal funds for human cloning research.

It would not be the first time the US Deep State Government stole science or ban something to turn around and sell it back to the world if it happened. Think about it – we have proof it happened with drug cartels, 9/11, the Coronavirus, and much more.

Where Does Clonaid Operate Today?


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