Dr Fauci Admits There’s No Proof Behind Lockdowns In a CNN Interview

Where is the proof behind lockdowns?

Seriously! Did Dr. Doom, I mean Dr. Fauci just accidentally admit THERE IS NO SCIENCE BEHIND THE LOCKDOWNS?

As if there’s not enough corruption behind the privately owned CDC, today, on the Communist News Network, CNN Dr. Doom aka Dr Fauci admits that there is NO science behind the lockdowns. CNN host John Berman was asking Fauci about the vaccine when he said: Berman asked:
What’s the science behind not saying it’s safe for people who have been vaccinated – received two doses, to travel?
Fauci said:
When you don’t have the data and you don’t have the actual evidence, you’ve got to make a judgment call.
Where’s the “trust the science” crowd now? Shouldn’t they be planning a protest against “trust the privately-owned CDC!” Oh! That’s right – they only protest when the deep state Cabal pays them.

Fox News On Dr. Fauci Stating There’s No Science Behind The Lockdowns

White House chief medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci drew backlash on Wednesday for admitting that the Biden administration has to make a “judgment call” when it comes to COVID travel guidance. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced new health guidelines for vaccinated people Monday, but made no mention of travel. The guidelines, which were supposed to be released last week, originally included recommendations about traveling but senior health officials decided to remove that section, according to Politico. During an appearance on CNN, Fauci was pressed about what “science” is preventing the Biden administration from declaring that Americans with both doses of the COVID vaccine can travel safely. “From the Biden administration, they say that they will make its decisions based on science,” CNN anchor John Berman asked. “What’s the science behind not saying it’s safe for people who have been vaccinated, received two doses, to travel?” “You know, that’s a very good question, John,” Fauci responded. “And the CDC is carefully heading in that direction … They’re being careful, understandably. They want to get science, they want to get data, and then when you don’t have the data and you don’t have the actual evidence, you’ve got to make a judgment call. And I think that’s what you’re going to be seeing in the next weeks.”
Fauci later insisted that guidance on travel and other activities will “imminently be coming out.” “Fire Fauci,” Ben Shapiro exclaimed on Twitter “All he has done for weeks is undermine the incentive structure for getting vaccinated — the measure that spells the end of the pandemic.” “Fauci’s house of cards is crashing,” Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., tweeted. “This kind of attitude actually hurts the fight against vaccine hesitancy….” NewsBusters managing editor Curtis Houck reacted. “The Infallible Fauci is a fraud and should be ignored at this point. Go live your lives instead of praying at the alter of overpaid government stooges who are drunk on power they never intend to give away,” the “Rubin Report” host Dave Rubin wrote. “The guy is a fraud. Maybe he wasn’t when it started, but he is now,” National Review senior writer David Harsanyi similarly expressed.

CNN Removes COVID Death Ticker

How convenient! The COVID death ticker was running at full speed during Trump’s presidency. With Faux Biden in office, CNN is a number of vaccinated-focused.

Twitter Goes Nuts About Dr. Fauci Stating There’s No Science Behind the Lockdowns | No Proof Behind Lockdowns

Watch: Fauci Admits There Is No “Science” Behind Continued Lockdown https://t.co/UkKq6dFW5V

— zerohedge (@zerohedge) March 11, 2021
Zero Hedge has more details:
In a rare moment of truth of CNN Wednesday, Anthony Fauci admitted that there is no scientific reason why people who have had the COVID vaccine are still having their freedoms restricted. CNN host John Berman asked Fauci “What’s the science behind not saying it’s safe for people who have been vaccinated – received two doses, to travel?” “When you don’t have the data and you don’t have the actual evidence, you’ve got to make a judgment call,” Fauci replied, declaring that Americans will just have to trust the CDC: As we reported this week, CNN announced that the CDC is graciously allowing vaccinated Americans some ‘limited freedoms’, prompting a huge backlash on social media where people pointed out that the health body doesn’t grant anyone their God given freedoms. So, there is no science and the CDC is making a judgement call about how ‘free’ Americans can be. Hmmm. All this comes as a little-remarked new study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the very epicenter of the pro-lockdown public health establishment, found the positive effects from mask-wearing were decidedly modest in scale. “Part of the problem for Dr. Fauci,” Stanford University Professor of Medicine Jay Bhattacharya said, “is that he is blind to the harms of the lockdown … He seems not to understand that the lockdown creates all kinds of physical problems, psychological problems, harms that I’ve never seen him talk about.”

Yes, for the most part the mainstream media is ignoring Dr. Fauci No Science Behind The Lockdowns statement.

What can you do about it? Forget lockdowns. Trust God. Lockdowns in America are completely unconstitutional. Sound off with your advice patriots. Let’s do this… NO MORE LOCKDOWNS – EVER! Don’t ever fall for these plandemics again. Trust God, he’s the only one we should trust. Scientists obviously makes stuff up and are not taking in humanity before money.

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