Contractor For Florida CPS Service Communities Connected For Kids Called Shanlis Inc. Fined by Florida Department of Health

Florida CPS Termination of Parental Rights Psychiatric Contractor Shanlis Inc. Was Fined by the Florida Department of Health

Important Public Notice: None of the parents, subjects, or doctors mentioned in this article are accused criminals, nor could we find where they were accused of any crimes.

The Shanlis Inc is a medical organization providing psychiatric treatments on behalf of the State of Florida. One of the organizations hiring Shanlis is State funded by Communities Connected for Kids, CC KIDS. CC KIDS is a private business operating in Indian River County as a contractor to the Florida Department of Family & Children’s Services. If that sounds like a mouthful, it’s because it is. 

In the State of Florida, the Parental Bill of Rights for Education signed by Governor DeSantis actually gives more parents more rights at the schoolhouse than in their own house.  

Despite the owner of Shanlis Inc. being openly reprimanded by the State of Florida Department of Health, Shanlis provides psychiatric exams and treatments for numerous State of Florida contractors. Shanlis or its doctors are often the only providers associated with State contractors for Child Protective Services. 

The Shanlis.com website states they are a psychological treatment facility “skilled in communicating their findings in jargon-free language that judges and juries can understand and appreciate. They work with attorneys and testify in courts to provide psychological examinations that could and often do permanently remove children from their parent’s custody. The Shanlis website states they have multiple counties. 



How Did Patriots Perpsective Learn About Shanlis Inc?

Patriots Perspective reached out to Meghan Walsh, daughter of America’s Most Wanted John Walsh, to find out any details she could disclose in the termination of parental rights (aka TPR) case against her. She explained that three doctors, all from Shanlis, testified against her in a Florida Court where Judge Robert Meadows ruled to terminate her to permanently take away her parental rights.


The three Shanlis Inc. doctors specialize in psychology and claim to have four offices throughout mid-coast on the Eastern coast of Florida. The business license for Shanlis Inc


the office was the owner of Shanlis, Dr. Theodore Williams, Dr. Beltran, and Dr. Stephen Edney. At the same time, all three doctors testified in the TPR trial. Two of the three doctors who testified against her in a Termination of Parental Rights Trial had not treated or conducted a psychological examination of Ms. Walsh. 


Dr. Beltran simply referenced what Ms. Walsh looked like as she was walking down the hall of one of her appointments and that she was pointing her finger at someone outside the TPR trial courtroom. Attendees standing outside the courtroom praying and looking for the latest news of Ms. Walsh stated that she was not under any distress other than other parents they’ve seen, as a TPR trial is often the most stressful day of a parent’s life. 


A TPR trial is not open to the public but in  Ms. Walsh’s case, there were several influencers and news media present. The setting described by those peering in the 12-inch x 12-inch courtroom door window was described as a military tribunal-like set-up.  In Ms. Walsh’s case, there were a total of three attorneys against her. Mrs. Walsh and her attorney, Ms. Hollis Mandell, sat in the center of the room with the presiding judge in the front. Each attorney had at least one other person sitting with them. The State’s attorney often had three or four people. All attorneys with the guardian ad litem amount others against them, meaning they and their legal counsel are often surrounded by multiple other attorneys as opposition against them.


Patriots across the United States decided to dive in and help Meghan investigate this situation further. While the investigation is ongoing and on a national level, in this article, we’ll be presenting our findings for Shanlis Inc. We encourage all citizens to research the number of children removed and placed into foster care in your counties. Throughout this post, we’ll share how we have just begun our research on Shanlis Inc, the primary psychological medical provider. They have been successful at testifying to remove the Walsh children from their mother. 

Who Owns Shanlis Inc?

According to the Florida Sunbiz registry, Dr. Theodore Williams is the registered agent and President of Shalis Inc.

In the case of Meghan Walsh’s children being taken in a termination of parental rights trial in the State of Florida, all of the expert doctor witnesses were employed by or recommended by Shanlis Inc and contracted by Communities Connected for Kids – all under the disguise of The State of Florida. 



Illegally Operating In Multiple Locations In the State of Florida?


The Indian expert testimony gave heavy weight to the Court’s consideration. Dr. Williams testified against Ms. Walsh. 


Why does it matter?


Does Dr. Theodore Williams, Psychologist Contract  The CC KIDS Company, aka CCKID.com, Have Prior Disciplinary Actions?


Sadly, the answer is yes.


The owner of Shanlis Inc has a Florida Department of Health complaint and disciplinary actions and was fined.


Dr. Theordore Williams of Shalis Inc has a disciplinary action filed with the Florida Department of Health for allowing a non-licensed worker, according to Florida Statues 490 and 491, to conduct a psychological evaluation through an interview and evaluate a patient and then diagnose the patient with depressive disorder, NOS, and alcohol dependence. 


Per Considering Dr. Theodore Gregory Willams, the owner & principal of Shanlis has prior disciplinary & administrative complaints brought forward by the Florida Department of Health for conducting medical services such as not obtaining written informed consent and allowing other unlicensed doctors in his practice to diagnose patients,  Ms. Walsh wanted to record her private sessions for personal and court records.  


Florida Health Dept Complaint Against Dr. Wiliams Shanlis Inc

Who is Dr. Theodore Williams?

According to the Florida Sunbiz registry, Dr. Theodore Williams is the registered agent and President of Shalis Inc.

Most importantly, every parent experiencing any CPS intervention needs to start researching providers, their connection to judges, how they are contracted and paid, and from which government.


How Are Companies Like Shanlis Inc Hired & Allowed to Testify Under the State of Florida’s Disguise?

In the case of Shanlis Inc, they are contracted by CC KIDS, aka Communities Connected for Kids and other non-government organizations, yet they are receiving government funds.


In the State of Florida, Child Protective Services or CPS, aka Family & Children’s Services providers, are not the State. They are most often contractors with contracts directly with each county. The county commissioners then grant businesses or providers contracts. Those same county commissioners are elected under the same voting systems and machines as the national elections. The same devices are also used for the Sheriff’s election. This standard connection is essential for citizens of each community to understand how contracts are awarded and the oversight after that. 


In the case of CPS fraud, it would be the Sheriff to take action and help the citizen being unconstitutionally treated.


So let’s dive into our research regarding  Shalis Inc and learn how you can research your medical providers of all types.


What is Shanlis Inc?

First, it’s essential to understand what type of healthcare or medical provider you’re being referred to. Find out if they are reputable before you walk in the door.


According to the company’s website, Shanlis provides psychological consultation, psychodiagnostic testing and evaluation, neuropsychological evaluation, expert reports, and expert witness testimony. Another doctor in the firm is listed to offer psychosexual services.  Shanlis Inc is an NPI provider is 1396184248. 


Does Shanis Inc or Dr. Williams have more disciplinary actions by the Florida Department of Health?

At this moment, we only see one disciplinary action. Learn how to find disciplinary actions to vet medical providers. This is under investigation by numerous journalists & interviewers.





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