Preview Covid-19 Protocols & Be Prepared To Avoid Hospitalization

Your Checklist to Help Avoid Covid-19 Hospitalization

When coming down with Covid-19 symptoms, do NOT wait for treatment. Don’t think it’s a typical cold and it will pass. While it may, I have advised many of my friends to get treatment right away. Even with the mildest symptoms. What happens when you get COVID?  If people come down with Covid, it can hit hard and fast. Your mind may go for a bit and you need to be prepared. Your mind may not be normal and you may not be able to think or remember what you need to do to avoid hospitalization. Follow these recommended steps NOW, do not wait.  Checklist to help prevent COVID-19 hospitalization
  1. Contact a doctor the minute you feel any symptoms. Early treatment is key to a speedy recovery. Remember COVID-19 is a bioweapon. Doctors who will prescribe hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin medications are super busy fighting BIG PHARMA. Do not assume you’ll be able to get an appointment right away. Oftentimes, it will take 12-48 hours for some doctors to respond.
2. Consult with your current Doctor to discuss treatment options and early treatment protocols BEFORE you get sick. While each case is different and I am NO doctor, by law I must tell you to “consult with your physician”. Hopefully, by now, you’ve already found a doctor that can see through Bill Gates’s Genocide PLANdemic brought forth by Dr. Frauci. 3. Add all doctors that you vet to your phone notes or address book. There are lots of Online Doctors who will prescribe drugs that work. Add those doctors to your address book or bookmark this page. 4. Get prophylactic medication (if your doctor recommends it for you). Here are some of the protocols of very well-known Americas Frontline doctors. 5. Avoid panicking & simply rest. Do not overdo it. Simply rest and sleep. 6. Drink plenty of water. The purer your water the better. I drink a lot of 100% pure coconut water. I even drink it directly out of coconuts every chance I get. 7. Take your vitamins as prescribed. My doctor recommended a 10x dose of vitamin C, D3, Quercetin, Zinc spread out every 2 hours or whenever I was up. 8. Change your medical advocate. Last but certainly not least, yet most importantly – change your will to include a medical advocate who will carry out your medical treatment wishes. More often than not, people are not prepared medically.  9. Share this message with others. 10. Copy and paste the URL in your phone notes so you can reference it if you need updated information. We’ll keep this list up to date with new resources and doctors.    

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