Must Watch: Fall of the Cabal Full Documentary-Proofs & Images You Won’t Believe

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Patriots Perspective News
Must Watch: Fall of the Cabal Full Documentary-Proofs & Images You Won't Believe

The Fall Cabal Documentary | Watch- Part 1-10 FULL Fall Cabal DOCUMENTARY in HD

This was one of the most eye-opening documentaries I’ve ever watched. At first, I thought it couldn’t be real. Then, I began to ask people in Haiti, “did the Clinton’s really steal children?” The answers are all here in The Fall of the Cabal by Janet Ossebaard. Below the video, you will find the full transcript taken directly from The Fall of Cabal Full documentary via a transcript service for your convenience.  Feel free to comment on any links that we should add to this transcript to the right in “Sound Off.” We all learn when we research together.

My Letter to The Fall of the Cabal Researcher Janet Ossebaard

Janet, I will be forever grateful for your time and research to show us proof of how the Deep State has gotten away with so much for sooooo long. May your work become part of history and teach us all to open our eyes and question everything. Thank you! Everyone- I highly recommend that you cast this documentary on your big screen so that you can see the images in detail. Have a notepad ready – you’ll want to research the details you’re most interested in; otherwise, you may not believe the content for yourselves.  

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Fall Cabal Documentary, Full Documentary Fall Cabal Full Documentary By Janet Ossebaard

Full Transcript With Links of The Fall of the Cabal by Janet Ossebaard

We are about to witness one of the greatest events in human history. The world, as we know, it is crumbling before our very eyes, and the majority of the world population is not aware of it. Power structures that have been in place for thousands of years are taken down. As we speak soon, we’ll be shown evidence of an elite plan. So evil. So all-encompassing that people will be shocked to the core, this documentary was made to help you deal with what’s coming. Is it a good thing? Oh yes. It’s the best thing that could possibly happen to us. But in order to understand and process the quantum leap that we, as humanity, are about to take, you must understand the reality, the timeline, if you wish that we, as a species, were placed in and believe me, you don’t have a clue just yet. The evil I mentioned has been working behind the scenes. So intelligently, so brilliantly that hardly anyone ever noticed a thing. What I’m going to do is, first of all, give you a short overview of things that made me go; hmm. Things that made me decide to stop digging for the truth. We’ll take it from there. Shall we, are you ready? Join me on a journey down the rabbit hole. Let’s start with reason forest fires; for instance, in California, did you know that these fires forgot to burn trees, that they were capable of cutting through houses, that they burn trees from the inside, that they were able to lift gas, tilt them and smash them down. Are you sure these are ordinary forest fires? And how about this one? We live in a world where mercury is considered highly toxic. But not when we inject it into children in absurd quantities. No doubt. You’ve heard about chemtrails denied by our governments for a long time. Still, recently acknowledged and referred to as geoengineering aerosols, they are sprayed into our atmosphere to protect us from global warming. The thing that makes me go, Hmm. However, it’s the fact that we’re straight with heavy metals, which are stored in our brains, where they have proven to cause Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. You, I know that in many countries, among which my own Holland, we have to explicitly say no to organ donation, for if we don’t, our organs will be the state’s property. As soon as we are declared brain-dead, the last time it was a race this way by law was during the Nazi occupation. Did you know that our current Pope is the first state that held us not to exist, but the devil does. Isn’t it weird that the Vatican’s audience hall is full of references to reptilian snakes set up? Did you know the Vatican’s telescope is called Lucifer? And since when does the Pope make the sign of the devil nine 11? Whereas one bird can cause terrible damage to a plane or nine 11, two planes managed to cut through steel. Third, blame mysteriously disappeared in a building, and number four plunged into the earth without leaving any debris or bodies. The planes were piloted by terrorists who only had had a few flying lessons in a small Chestnut. Then there are the horrific attacks on innocent people in which the same victims can survive up to three different attacks. This lucky young man survived being shot in the head; wholly needed was a band-aid. And thank God, not all victims are people of flesh and blood. Uh, what do you think about this one? Are you a parent? Are you aware of the fact that children’s cartoons contain subliminal messages, sex, and violence? You know that fully grown fetuses can be legally aborted in the many American States that advocate full-term abortions state that unborn babies cannot feel pain. Whereas every doctor knows that the nervous system is the first to develop in fetuses is bullshit of a fully grown baby, not the same as murder. Okay. Let’s have a look at the migrant caravan. Thousands of people fled their South American homes to look for a better future in us. The trip covered 2000 miles and one and a half months to be on time for the American mid-term elections as a political statement against President Trump. This means they walked an average of 45 miles a day on flip flops, barefoot like this, and like this 45 miles a day. Why do Hollywood celebrities promote the use of facial creams containing the four skin of baby boys? Do you realize that these four skins are actually sold to trade what the next drinking baby blood is? Now I will give you five more, although I could go on forever counting down number five. Did you know that the Caesars such as AIDS, Zika, SARS, and Ebola are patented? Do you know when something is patented? When it’s manmade, artificial, he seizes. Are you kidding me? Number four, your cell phone, laptop, tablet, and TV contains spyware that works 24 seven. No matter whether your device is switched on or off, this means you’re constantly being monitored; every conversation, whether at home or work, is recorded; why? And by whom number three in 2018, Monsanto is known for genetically modified seeds and crops. Plus, it’s poisonous weed killer Roundup. A buyer bought it; a chemical giant, uh, produces mostly poison. In other words, our food suppliers are now lastly controlled by the producers of carcinogenic poison when Santos started off making agent orange, a very powerful and highly toxic chemical used during the Vietnam war to eliminate forest cover and to destroy crops. But it turned out to do just a little bit more than that: courting, horrific birth deformities, and various types of cancer. According to the experts, Uh’s fusion of Monsanto and buyer was the perfect match made in hell. In 2018, Hillary Clinton admitted that she deleted 33,000 emails from private server users, secretary state, not only that, she used a hammer to smash a cell phone SIM cards and hard drives any further evidence that could have been used against her arena. The Court of law was destroyed by fire. That conveniently started in the office of a mansion. Did she get away with that? And last but not least, number one, President Obama received the 2009 Nobel peace prize. Only months after his inauguration. Why, for God’s sake, he came from nowhere and had a chief, nothing at the time in the following eight years, he invaded seven countries and dropped a bomb every 20 minutes; who on earth was on that Nobel committee? Yeah. The world is not what you sing. And guess what all of these things have in common? The mainstream media completely ignored them; not one news channel covered or questioned any of it. And just when I thought I’d seen it all, this became president of the US. Two political sites in life, left and right-left, for the ordinary people to ride were for the rich. But I soon found out that my ideas did not reflect reality at all. Obama seemed to challenge everybody, including me, with his good looks and charms, but as I said, he invaded seven countries. He was a Democrat, for God’s sake, and Democrat Bill Clinton went from one sex scandal to the next lying under oath and getting away with it, maybe left, and the ride was simply two wings of the same bird. Despite my leftist or bringing them background and my fierce opposition against Trump, I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt, but how did he get elected in the first place? Just before the elections, WikiLeaks arose, founded by Julian a song. She had 2006 WikiLeaks as a giant online library of the world’s most sensitive documents obtained by whistleblowers at the highest level, much information deals with wall spying and corruption. Before the presidential elections, Wiki-leaks published highly incriminating evidence of the corruption within the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton presidential campaign. So what happened on January 20, 2017? Donald J. Trump was inaugurated as president of the United States of America. But how did waken Gates obtain the evidence of the Clinton corruption? It was leaked by an employee of the democratic national committee, Seth Rich, who was subsequently found dead with two bullets in his back, .who killed Seth rich. We will find out in the following episodes what do we have, for now, Donald Trump? As president of the US and then out of nowhere, I Rose the enigma of Q On October 28, 2017. A mysterious post was placed on four Chan, an anonymous internet bulletin board. It contained nothing but codes. This was the beginning of a new phenomenon. The Q posts soon to be transferred to him due to hacking became more intriguing and famous among the so-called Q and none’s anonymous people who are wary of mainstream media’s lies. And who’s gone searching for the truth? Using other news outlets on the internet. I will get into the identity of Q later on in this documentary; Q communicates with the people using the cute posts drops or crumbs that we, the unknowns, pick up and decipher the Q crumbs portray a better world without Wars, treason, and corruption, a world after the great awakening que uses words and short sentences that keep coming back. Sometimes the Q drops are short and to the point; initials are used instead of full names. Sometimes they contain a lot of information, and sometimes combinations of letters and numbers are used for us to rearrange. The Q clock was introduced, and it took us quite some time to figure out how to read it. And then there was the Q map and taking an incredible amount of vital information. Dylan Lewis Monroe made the map. It contains an overview of the true history of mankind and its covered power structures. Q is not a cult, as suggested by opponents. After all, it tells us not what to think or what to do. It merely gives us questions, clues, and riddles. We need to research to find the answers. And that is how we discover the truth through this research. I’ve come to find out more about American and global politics than I’d ever dreamed of. I was never really interested in politics, but the Q drops opened my eyes to a whole new world, a world of secret societies, secret services within secret services and secret deals made on a grand scale, a world with shadow governments within excessively rich, 1% of the world population that actually runs the world, not our political leaders, not our presidents, but a very small group that we refer to as the Illuminati or cabal, uh, learned about an evil master plan to dominate the world and the ordinary people like you altogether. And I, we know nothing. We get up in the morning; we go to work, we pay our bills and our taxes. We watch TV and go to bed, not knowing that there’s a battle being fought over our heads for world dominance, a battle between good and evil. Q is pointing out to us, but the unknowns have to do the research and do like nerds, like an army of digital artists. We connect the dots. There is a war going on for world dominance for the absolutes of the mission of the masses. How was this achieved by the constant waging of the wall by introducing the federal reserve bank and central banks by trafficking, drugs, oil, and people? The only two American presidents have tried to break down the elite’s power, beginning with the banks, but printing their own interest-free debt-free money does bypass the federal reserve system where Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy, what else did they have in common? They got murdered. Now, why are the banks so important? What exactly is the federal reserve? And it’s central banks? The federal reserve is the central bank system of the US, and despite the very misleading word federal, federal reserve and all central banks around the world are privately owned. They are not government institutions. They are owned by some of the most wealthy and influential families in the world. Two of which are close to the top of the power pyramid, the Ross Jones and the Rockefellers; the federal reserve was set up in 1913 after quite a bit of opposition from our government and some very wealthy people. Such as Benjamin Guggenheim from a very influential mining family, Isidor Straus, head of Macy’s department stores and politician, and John Jacob Astor, businessmen inventor, and probably one of the wealthiest men at that time, the wealth of these three men in those days, it was approximately $500 million, which today would amount to something like 11 billion. These men were so rich. They could not be bought not by any bank. What else did they have in common, apart from money, power under posing, the creation of our federal reserve? They all died on April 15, 1912. When the ship they traveled on hit an iceberg and disappeared in a cold ocean coincidence. Let’s just say the Titanic disaster was highly convenient. The rest of the opposition was easily cornered us. Congress was bypassed. The fed was created illegally unconstitutionally. Not many people are. Let’s look at the visible top of the power pyramid that we have, the Rothschild family in short. This family owns most of the world. They own every central bank; they own the federal reserve. They control the international monetary fund. They control the world health organization. They financed both parties of every war. Since the war against Napoleon, they financed the Bolshevik revolution. They financed Hitler and the Nazis. They funded the production of IBM sponging machines for an efficient prosecution of the Jews by the Nazis. And they had equities in Exxon nig. Farben, the dealers of Zyklon B gas for the Nazi gas chambers. The estimated net worth of the Rothschild family is $500 billion. When you have that much money in power, you can poke the chest of the crown Prince of great Britain. Like he’s your bitch. And when you oppose their power and try to stop them from taking over your banking system, by setting up a central bank in your country that loans money to you at insane interest rates that you can never pay back so that your country becomes the terminal slave to the Rothschild banking system. As up into every country worldwide, you are either ousted or killed; your country will be invaded and blown to smithereens in the name of democracy supported by the mainstream media that portrays you as a dictator. The same applies to those who refuse to accept the almighty us petrodollar dollar. And there’s much more, but we’ll leave that for another time. Russ Johnson, not the only one, is dominating the world. They are just part of the 1%. The elite, another family of great influence, is the Rockefellers. They made their initial fortune with fruit oil. That fortune led to massive industrial influence in American politics, the banking system. And the pharmaceutical industry. They found its schools and universities leaving a huge imprint on what should and should not be taught about children and students. The Rockefellers further expanded their tentacles of power into the medical world and into hospitals. They now own the Rockefeller University with its Academy of medicine and the Academy of Sciences, the international health foundation. The American cancer society, the drug trust, the American medical association, and everything that was in the hands of the Rockefellers further infiltrated the educational and medical system by means of the Rockefeller foundation, giving grants to specific research programs, such as the research and development of vaccines. For instance, against Ebola, yellow fever, Zika, the flu, and Gardasil are further developed and promoted by billionaires and partnering crime. Bill Gates, every case of dangerous side effects such as Ms. K sterility seizures And brought before the FDA and cleared. And all of the above was promoted by doctors and the media, where the Rockefellers had placed the representatives at the highest levels. Even presidents assured us it was safe. All use of alternative healing was demonized and prohibited while the treatment with drugs and the drug dependency would push down the political agenda. The Rockefellers were also responsible for adding the toxic chemical waste product fluoride to our water and toothpaste. And as usual, the media spread lies about its healing qualities; no doctor or dentist ever tested its advocacy. They simply tell their patients what they have been taught at the Rockefeller institutions. Yet another field of interest was the genetic manipulation of crops. The Rockefellers own millions of shares of Monsanto stock, as does the partner, bill Gates, the mutual interesting Eugene X, which aims at improving the genetic quality of the human population, will come as no surprise. Back in Nazi Germany, the Rockefellers financed the horrific eugenics experiments performed on Jewish people trying to create a superior must race. So, in short, two very powerful families that rule the world and its populations are the Rockefellers and the Ross Jones. And guess what? They are not even the most powerful; there are others families that exceed the Rockefellers and the Roth. Joel’s both in money and empowerment, but I will not go any deeper into that at this stage. We’ll save that for later. Shall we? There’s one more, man. I want to put in the Limelights right now. Now George Soros, described by the mainstream media as an investor and philanthropist, is net worth $25 billion. Suarez was born in Hungary after world war II two. He moved to England and then onto the US, where he made a fortune with his hedge funds and his merciless ways to manipulate the financial market using the crisis to further increase his own wealth and expand his power. He prides himself in taking no responsibility for his actions and the destruction he caused to literally millions. I quote I’m here too. Make money. I cannot do not look at the social consequences of what I do. Soros strikes me for his choice of funding. For example, number the North American man-boy love association, that goal, and sex before eight, before it’s too late. This is the mascot. Why does this great benefactor support pedophile clubs such as number? Then there’s Antifa, the anti-fascist movement. When we look at their actions, we see nothing but violence. They show great resemblance with fascism, which is rather strange for an anti-fascist movement. Even one of the flags is weird. In that sense, why would anyone finance such a thing? The same goes for black lives matter? Why sponsor a movement that pretense of being left-wing that shows nothing but riots and violence in practice. Do you want to know what we’re dealing with here? Then follow me to part straight, the migrant caravan that headed to the Southern border of the US in April 2018 was covered by the media big time. According to the official reports, these people came mostly from Honduras, where the caravan had started, and then people from Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Mexico joined the March. The main reasons for them to flee their home country with gang violence and poverty. When I saw the first pictures, I was shocked, but then I realized there were just too many images of women and children, which is always a sign of media manipulation and a hidden political agenda, always critical thinkers. Like the Q Anon studied the pictures closely to many things did not add up. Like I said, in part one, these people had to walk for 45 miles a day each and every day for one and a half months. But these people don’t look exhausted, then all dirty or sweaty. I mean, look at them: the cloud sock, clean, clean babies, clean pans. It will labels. They are well-fed. These people. Aren’t refugees. They’re not poor. I traveled through Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras, and I saw poverty. Police me. These people are not poor 45 miles a day on flip-flops. Are you kidding me? Or even barefoot, come on. Where are the blisters, and why aren’t they carrying what is needed for a journey like that? Blankets, food, water, where are the spare diapers? Some people do have small backpacks, but they appear to be brand new. So what did happen? First of all, buses and vans were deployed to transport all of these people from Honduras to the US border. Flip-flop, no problem. You only have to get out of the van occasionally for a group photo. Next, in order to get as many people as possible, you pay them. Thanks to some alert to norms. This was filmed on-site. Then in order to be efficient for the media, you give the main players a colored wristband, brilliant different colors, have different meanings, all known to the reporters and the cameraman. Some people overact, Oh, this is really convincing; uh, make it to the world news report, meet Maria Meza and have five children all the way from Honduras. She made it to every news item on TV, telling about it. Terror, the fear of rich children, their eyes, all wet and swollen due to the tear gas that the American border patrol. So viciously threw at them. Well, Maria, there are a few flaws in your story. I’ve looked at every single picture of you and your beautiful girls. None of them show any signs of tear gas. The spectrum clearly shows that you are the only ones in action. The cameraman shoots away completely unended by the gas. And there is no panic. Let’s have a closer look at this picture. Cameramen are standing in the line of smoke. You’d have no problem with that. Oh, wait, look, somebody is throwing a gas canister. Is that a fellow refugee? Maria told the press that his son went back the next day to get the canister and show it to the reporters. Shame on you, America; you do hope Maria was paid handsomely. I really do, but a story sucks. The family was photographed on another day, getting out of a van for yet another day’s work in front of their camera and the tear gas canister. You can buy them at any theater property Taylor, or you can use the police training for it. They produce white smoke, but no harm is done. I guess Trump’s statement was correct. No tear gas was used on the children. The entire mainstream media coverage of this event was biased and flawed my advice to the producers. Next time pays more attention to the details, for the unknowns are on to you. Refugees who walk for thousands of miles do not walk like this. All like this. They don’t wear flip-flops. They don’t have brand new being buggies. They do not Polish their nails. They don’t wear iron shirts. Neither do they have perfect haircuts makeup when they say they flee the country because they’re so poor, they can’t even buy food. Don’t show them with digital cameras and the refugees who walk for thousands of miles and not clear. And for golf’s sake, pay attention to some of your supporting actors. And when you Photoshop someone into a picture, make sure you don’t forget his name. Oh. And make up your mind. Will you, you want the shirt on or off? We can Disney obsession. When you really want to know what’s going on in the world, you’ll have to do the research, just like you keep saying. And when you do, you will see what’s real and what’s not. The migrant caravan was a staged event with a political motive which must leave behind it: Lou finance, such a great event, George Soros. That’s right. Our great benefactor, George Soros, connected to the Beterfelt glove number and the writing and violent Antifa and black lives matter. How do we know is behind all of these so-called social movements? Well, it’s not really a secret. According to an analysis of his tax filings, he invested $33 million in the notorious Ferguson riots alone. Saurus from, as everyone who participated in the massive protest, $15 an hour. In the case of the migrant caravan, all they out to do was play the part of all refugees, looking for safe Haven money, new clothes, food toys. And an extra bonus. Suppose you play your part, well, who’d refuse a job like that. Saurus made a mistake by not fulfilling his financial promises. So then we have more riots, this time by angry actors who demanded payment videos of Antifa members, shouting Ross sorrows where’s I’m money went viral yet. Everything was hushed up by the mainstream media. So what’s his motive. Why would anyone invest so much money in these massive and well-organized movements to destabilize a country, to create division by skin color, by political wing, by religion, by gender? A divided people is easy to rule a United people is not. Let’s go back to the queue phenomenon. As we’ve seen in part, two Q strongly emphasizes the importance of uniting United. We stand divided. We fall que portrays a better world without Wars, treason, and corruption. And whether you like it or not, the task to get there has been put in the hands of Donald J. Trump. Now, normally when I say this to people, I get the most vicious looks, thanks to the mainstream media. The majority of the Dutch people believe Trump to be a narcissistic dictator, but Hey, let’s talk some facts here. Shall we? Trump went to North Korea, he’ll start a nuclear war, the media shouted, but he came back with Six million new jobs are being created on Trump’s lowest unemployment rates in 50 years, more than 4 million people, all for food stamps; Trump openly attacks big pharma. He created the biggest stacks guts ever for all social classes. He is the only American president ever to work for free. He signed an executive order to clean the house. Did you hear about that on the news? No. For some reason, the mainstream media have a political agenda of their own, but more about that later from my point of view, one of the most important priorities of Trump is to protect the children right after his inauguration. He stated that his administration would focus on ending the horrific practice of human trafficking. Also, refer to as modern slavery. On December 21, 2017, is signed an executive order, blocking the property of people involved in serious human rights, abuse, and corruption; more executive orders follow to protect victims of human trafficking. A huge campaign was deployed to educate parents and children about the dangers of human trafficking. 2018, none, 19, many arrests took place. Thousands of child molesters were arrested. Thousands of victims were rescued. Trump keeps emphasizing that most victims are smuggled into the country. So the Southern border, he shows numbers, statistics. He may January human trafficking awareness month. He informs people about Ms. 13, a criminal gang responsible for raping and killing many American citizens. He swore he would take them down to the last member. He keeps emphasizing the drug problem and the billions of dollars. Plus, the counter’s lives. It costs; he keeps pleading for a wall. Anything to reduce the drugs and human trafficking numbers as much as possible, not the mainstream media keep twisting his words, making it sound like immigrants. You aren’t welcome. I’ve watched six interviews time and again, and I can assure you that. According to President Trump, immigrants are most welcome, but they have to come in. Legally. The funny thing is Bill Clinton wanted a wall. Obama wanted a wall. Hilary wanted a wall. They all voted for a wall when there was still in the Senate. I’m talking about the 2006 secure fence act passed by a Republican Congress and signed by President George W. Bush. It wasn’t a problem back then, but now all of a sudden, Trump is an immigrant hater. The more I study the subject, the more I understand why Trump is bashing fake news more about that. Soon back to Trump’s war against human traffickers. For years, whistleblowers at the highest levels have been stepping forward with testimonies about child trafficking for the elite. This is nothing new. It was just never dealt with until now to sing. Is when I talk about this in my presentations, people don’t want to hear about it. They don’t want to look at these pictures, which I understand I would rather look away as well, but that reminds me of the famous one line of the Germans, right after world war two, after being confronted with a painful question, how could you let the Nazi atrocities happen? Why didn’t you do something? The answer was always Harmon’s sneaker whilst we didn’t know. Of course, they knew it was just too painful and too dangerous to acknowledge it and to do something about it. Well, I will not look away from you any longer. These skids are not held by our denial. They are held by our actions. So for God’s sake, keep watching. We are the only hope they have left child trafficking for the elite that is bigger than pedophilia. We’re talking about a huge criminal organization. Kidnapping children and selling them to your high-ranking officials, from mayors, judges, and senators to presidents and even royalty. Do you think this is farfetched? Do you think it’s just a conspiracy theory? Get ready for some conspiracy facts in part four in 2010; right after the devastating earthquake, 33 children were smuggled out of Haiti; the woman who was arrested, Laura gala Silsby said they were orphans who were about to be adopted in the US upon investigation. However, it turned out most of these children were not orphans. They were later reunited with their parents. Furthermore, there were no adoption papers to be found. These kids had simply been abducted stolen from their parents. Who exactly is this Laura gala Silsby. First of all, she was on the board of directors of alert sense. The company that provides the technology for Amber alert, Amber alert, is the broadcast emergency response to recover abducted children. Isn’t that an interesting paradox, a convicted child trafficker? Yes. She was found guilty and convicted connected to Amber alert, set up to rescue children. Secondly, this lady is the founder of the Baptist organization. New life children’s refuge. The Northern rescue mission for Haiti sounds to me like she had a waste to smuggle children out of the country. Nice cover, last but not least. She’s a close friend of the Clintons who immediately paid for a lawyer for who himself is a convicted pedophile. He was arrested and convicted for leading an international human trafficking ring involving women children who came out into the open. Thanks to WikiLeaks that published the secret emails between the Clintons and Laura gala. Sell speed. Let’s continue with Haiti some more before moving on showy; Haiti has put in the limelight once again with the Oxfam scandal. Oxfam, known fridge shops throughout the world for empowering women and for fighting poverty, was banned from Haiti. Following the 2010 earthquake, there were orgies with prostitutes, some of which were underage. In other words, with children, leaked emails further confirm that $3 million were diverted from Hadrian relief funds. Via the Clinton foundation to pay for Chelsea’s extravagant 2010 wedding. When Trump called Haiti a shithole, the whole world when mad, but he was right. What do you refer to was what the so-called nonprofit organizations had turned the Island into after the earthquake; the red cross collected half a billion dollars for Haiti. And all it did was build six houses. The Clinton foundation ruthlessly misappropriated the earthquake donations from international donors and got away with it. A former government official of Haiti, due to testify about the Clinton corruption, was found dead with a bullet in his head. Only days before the trial on July 12, 2017, Monica Peterson, the young social anthropologist who went to Haiti to investigate human trafficking on the Island. And who tweeted some critical thoughts of how the Clinton Foundation was found dead by hanging shortly after, in November 2016, her death ruled a suicide. And when surgeon Dr. Dean Lorich openly vented his disgust about the corruption by the Clinton foundation that he himself witnesses while trying to save lives on the Island. He, too, ended up dead. In December 2017, he was found on the bathroom floor of his apartment in New York with a knife in his chest. His death, too, was ruled a suicide, but Hey, let’s not dwell on the many suicides surrounding the Clintons. Let’s go back to one of Q’s often repeated sentences. Symbolism will be the downfall in 2007; the FBI released a bulletin with symbols used by pedophiles to identify their sexual preferences and to communicate where to find both each other and their prey. The blue triangles identified boy lovers. The pink hearts are for girl lovers and the butterflies for child lovers in general; these better far logos, willing deed be the downfall they are in plain sight for. They never thought people would wake up and see. And just like we saw with Amber alert, it’s the organizations that claim to protect children that actually use pedophile logos. For instance, the international adoption clinic, new stock of Farleigh, a Muslim adoption and child advocacy agency. This is the logo for their hope program, helping orphans progress emotionally. Then there’s the Pacific crest trail association. It changed its logo in July 2017. After the pedophile connection in the capital, a was discovered by the public. Now I’m not saying these organizations are proven pedophiles, dens; Amelie pointing out the interesting choice of logo, which of course, could be totally based on coincidence. This logo eerily resembles the boil of a symbol. It was used by the pier Elliott Trudeau foundation set up by the Canadian prime minister. Justin Trudeau in honor of his father. This logo was on the 20 1516 annual report. Then there’s OPD, a Canadian refuge charity Elpida that was founded by the Radcliffe foundation set up and owned by Frank Giustra. Now, apart from the interesting choice of logo, there are a few things about Mr. Juice’s driver that fascinate me. First of all, it is a major sponsor of the Clinton foundation. We’re talking $100 million and more. He loved going to Haiti with the Clintons. He founded the boys club network for boys between 12 and 18, seeking connection and mentorship. His co-founder is Kim. Chris Hanzo, a teacher from Vancouver who received an excellence award from none other than Justin Trudeau. Now once again, I’m sure this is just go incidence, but what is it that Q keeps saying about coincidence? How many coincidences before mathematically impossible for someone who claims to be a decent family? Man, Justin Trudeau’s Shaw has some interesting friends take Christopher. Donaldson, a Canadian private school teacher, was convicted for the possession and distribution of child porn. For many years, he was Trudeau’s friend’s roommate. Then there’s his best friend, Peter Dalglish, the world-renowned humanitarian, who was caught in the act in Nepal with two children, age 12 and 14. He was the founder of St. Kitts international and the trails youth initiative program. Now unsure these programs do great things for kids, but why choose pedophile logos? Why are so many set up by registered and convicted pedophiles and sex fenders? I mean, if you’re a pedophile, wouldn’t it be great to have your own child protect you program to have access to all those lovely children to pick from, mind you? These children often come from troubled backgrounds. Some have criminal records; many suffered from neglect and abuse. You know, dude, easy prey, uh, no concerned, loving parents to protect them. I mean, look at CPS, the child protective services exposed in 2007 for legally kidnapping and selling children for adoption out of foster care. The lady who exposed them, Congresswoman Nancy Schaffer, was murdered in 2010. Now back to Trudeau’s interesting best friends here. We have been 11 former deputy ministers of the ministry of education arrested and convicted in 2013 for making and distributing child pornography. Then there’s Jan Ghomeshi, the Canadian CBC radio host arrested and charged in 2015 with seven counts of sexual assault. And one count of overcoming resistance by choking. Now, I don’t know about this, but if I were Trudeau, I’d be more careful selecting my friends. He is surrounded by registered pedophiles and sex offenders. There’s another prominent place where the FBI symbols of pedophilia can be found in Hollywood. We briefly saw in part one that children’s cartoons contain references to sex and violence. Doesn’t that make you wonder who will Disney really was? Why are children exposed to Illuminati symbols, such as pyramids and the all-seeing eye time and again, and why are pedophile logos used for candy and ice cream? Yet? Another thing that attracts children, the more I dived into this topic, the more I realized to what extent this had actually drenched our society. Top directors, such as games, Gunn, who openly and proudly tweet about being a pedophile. I guess this is normal in Hollywood. He was fired over these tweets, rightly so one would think, but only a few weeks later, he was back at work out through the front door, back in, through the back door. Nickelodeon’s producer, Dan Snyder, lost his job because he couldn’t keep his hands off of young girls. And here we have Brian Peck, a convicted child molester who only spent 16 months in jail, after which he was offered a job right back with Disney, where he continued working with unraised girls. Once again, out through the front door, back in through the back door, Jason, James Murphy kidnapped and sexually assaulted an eight-year-old boy in 1996; he served five years in jail, moved to California, Eustace shorter named Jason James and became a casting agent for child actors. The list of sexual predators in Hollywood is endless. Only recently. It was some of them called out by their victims and arrested. Most victims never dare to speak up for the predators are absolute legends in Hollywood actors. Corey Feldman was one of the first to speak up about child abuse in Hollywood; he and his best friend, Corey Haim, became actors at a very young age. They were incredibly successful and famous, but the price was high. They were sexually abused by various adults. They work with; it was common knowledge that the two Coreys were passed around at Hollywood parties. There resulted in great trouble, man, that was buried for many years. The two Cory saw relief in alcohol and drugs, which eventually led to Corey Haim’s death at the age of 38. It wasn’t until recently that Corey Feldman called out as abusers; Eli, a wood which became world-famous for his spot is Frodo in the Lord of the rings, supported Corey Feldman’s statements that Hollywood is a pedophile. Dan Leia was protected by his mother, who wouldn’t let him visit any of the parties where a lot of the abuse took place. World-renowned actors such as Robert Downey Jr. And Brett Pitt also stepped forward to support all of these statements. If you sing, that sounds crazy. Wait until you hear Mel Gibson, the world-famous megastar, both as actor and producer, was blacklisted by Hollywood for stating that Hollywood is a den of parasites, the feast on the blood of kids. You took it a whole lot further to read for yourself. Would this be true? Eating babies, drinking their blood. Will this have a happy ending? Oh yes. Let’s move on to part five.


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