The Sick Minds Behind The Balenciaga Ads & Breakdown of Ad Agencies, PR Agents, & Today’s News

Breakdown of #Balenciagate Balenciaga Pedo Ads & Today’s News 11.28.2022

Balencia pedo ads & the people behind them today at 12pmEST/11CST, Patriots Perspective host Christi Tasker will be live with co-host Penny L.A. Shephard and former secret service agent John Carman with a possible special guest.   There is a quiet part as this is the unedited version of today’s podcast recording, and producer Christi wearing 92 hats, made a mistake on the intro play.   From Travel Suggestions To Balenciaga, it’s all real they are after your mind & kids. The Balenciaga ads with kids holding BDSM is far too real and human overreach. From a former secret security agent to an advertising agency to a Hollywood agent, you’ll hear multiple views on Balenciaga’s ads and what’s behind them.   While David, the host of the Dark Outpost, is on vacation, we’ll have live news each day from November 28-December 4th, airing live on the Patriots Perspective Rumble, Youtube, Facebook, & Linkedin.   PLEASE NOTE: Share our Rumble links with your friends. We will remove the videos from Youtube, Facebook, and Linkedin to prevent more strikes or accounts from being shut down, so please follow our Rumble account and give us some Rumbles. Donation & support links are below each of our videos.   We normally have all videos transcribed so that you can search our website for information within 24 hours. Hopefully, this helps all researchers or the public when searching for censored content, as it will most likely not appear on Google. Support the research of Penny L.A. Shepard: PayPal or Amazon Gift Cards to: – Venmo: SeeMeNowAgentX11 Cashapp: @SeeMeNowAgentX11 Avoid Censored News – Subscribe to US News Behind The Facade: 
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