Sent An Email To Any Boards Mandating Mask Wearing

Being a part of our local governments and creating watch groups to provide government oversight is beyond a necessary evil to preserve our freedoms. It may seem like the national election is the only thing that matters, but as we all know from 2020/21, it’s more than evident that local government is where it all starts.

From school boards to city or county boards, please take action and send a letter to any boards still trying to enforce mask mandates for employees, students, or citizens. While this is a sample letter from July 2020, you should be able to edit it for your local board and use much of the content.

Download Email to Board Template – scroll to the bottom – I’ve attached the download to this email for your convenience. 

Sample Letter To Email To Any Board Requiring Mask Mandate

Originally written July 2020

Dear (Name of Board): 

At the outset of this email, I want to state that this is a must-read before any municipality, school, or educator even begins to consider or continue mandatory masking of residents, students, or teachers.  

Provide context or confirm this happened in your area or with your board: Ex: 

On Tuesday, June 9, 2020, numerous doctors, attorneys, educators, psychologists, teachers, and parents turned out en masse to protest the mandatory mask order.  

The county health department, unfortunately, continued to provide zero medical-scientific data that mandatory mask-wearing was safe, particularly during summertime high temperatures, or in the context of young children. Additionally, the county health department nor could it provide any study showing mask-wearing is effective at containing viral transmission in order to combat the myriad studies provided by County residents during the meeting which show mandatory mask-wearing is NOT effective at viral containment.  

So upset were these residents – by the wholesale failure of the health department to roll back the medically unsubstantiated mandatory mask order – that they proceeded to go outside onto the steps of the County Hall, at noon, in nearly 100-degree heat, and put on the “mandated masks” while staying stationary, or gently moving around or exercising.  They used a Pulse Oximeter to measure their oxygen levels and heart rate.  

The results were nothing short of horrifying:  

ALL of the individuals had their oxygen rate drop from a healthy 98 or 99% (without the mask) — a total of five, ten, and sometimes twenty full points — within a few minutes of mask-wearing.  FYI, medically, below 92% is considered “dangerous” — while below 90% oxygen merits a denomination of “hypoxemic”  The AVERAGE drop of these OC residents in oxygenation was more than 12 points, into the hypoxemic range.  

Two of the participants — one a very fit daily runner, and one a very fit nurse — had their oxygen rates drop into the 70’s:  where organ damage, system systems failure, and death can occur.  ALL participants suffered dangerous drops in oxygen:  43% fell into the “dangerous” zone, 29% in the hypoxemic zone, and 29% fell into the extremely dangerous hypoxemic zone (where cardiac arrest, organ failure and death occur).  Even those who just “stood around” in the masks doing absolutely nothing had frightening drops in oxygen levels:  Donna Shuller who is a very fit 64-year-old woman and the wife of Pastor Robert Shuller — whose family built the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove California — dropped from 99% oxygen to 92% from the simple act of walking 15 feet to the clipboards, and back over to another participant.  In context, most of the participants were in decently good health, and not overweight.  I’m sure I don’t need to extrapolate for the reader what could happen if this test were performed with an average cross-section of citizens, i.e., with the nearly 40% of county residents who suffer from at least one chronic health condition, and with the more than 20% of our residents who are obese.  The results of this impromptu study are detailed in the Excel sheet attached hereto; I strongly encourage you to review it.  It is a striking juxtaposition to note that Medicare and most insurance companies will pay for people with oxygen rates of less than 88% to get supplemental oxygen — and all carriers and health experts advise you to seek immediate medical intervention below 88% — and the average oxygen rate was two points less than that at 86% after only a few minutes of mask-wearing.  

So while I’ve said it previously in passing, given the data from yesterday, let me underscore once more in no uncertain terms, and in language that is absolutely unmistakable:  the liability that a city, county, or school will be facing if it mandates mask-wearing for its population is truly incalculable, in the event the mask-wearing causes a drop in oxygen (which we now know it likely will), which then leads to a medical complication or death.  And we have no idea what will happen to children who are made to wear masks in the triple-digit weather of mid-August, but my guess is that their systems, being less developed and often more sensitive — compounded by the fact that children are notoriously poor at self-regulation and are traditionally MUCH more active than adults — will fare very badly indeed.  Recent headlines have made quite clear that the death of children and losses of consciousness can and do occur: and and

As I’m sure you know, I am a huge fan of dialogue, and that is the spirit in which this is written:  I believe we were put on this planet to perpetually learn, and that when we as humans know more, we can and will do better.  That said, this communication, by its content, cannot do anything less than also serve as very clear notice to the Board of the liability issues associated with mandatory mask orders directed at residents, students, and teachers — no matter how brief the time period of such masking might be (since yesterday’s results occurred in the window of just a few minutes).  

In sum:  yesterday we had two people drop into the ’70s in oxygenation levels, after only a few minutes of mask-wearing — which is the incredibly hypoxemic zone at which cardiac arrest, organ failure, and death occur.  Given that, I am hereby requesting an immediate response by the County Health Department to the effect that mask-wearing — which causes such precipitous drops in oxygenation — is healthy.  Frankly, I doubt that such a statement can or will be forthcoming, given that every medical study worldwide holds that catastrophic medical situations and death occur in these low oxygen ranges.  

If no statement can be propounded by the Health Department — that it is medically safe for one to have oxygenation levels below 92% — then I would expect an immediate retraction of the order IN FULL regarding mask-wearing by the Health Department.  As even “recommending” such an action — now that we are all on notice that mask-wearing for even a few minutes creates immediate and dangerous hypoxemia — puts our residents at risk of catastrophic organ failure and death … with untold liability facing the Board and its agencies for same.

Thank you for your service, 

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