Whistleblower of Vaccine Injury: Respiratory Therapist Danee Dixon Speaks Out To Warn Others

Exclusive Healthcare Hero Interview: Respiratory Therapist Daneé Dixon Tells About Her Vaccine Injury & What She’s Tried For Cures To Rid The Vaccine From Her Body, Life With Disabilities & The Treatments She’s Still Trying

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A couple of months ago, I saw a video from a Facebook friend of mine named Daneé Dixon. Daneé is a respiratory therapist who wanted to do all of the right things to preserve humanity. Throughout this heartbreaking interview, she tells about her leaving pediatric respiratory therapist to do the right thing and applied to help adults desperately needing respiratory therapy help in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Little did she know her taking the supposedly lifesaving “help humanity” vaccine would leave her stuttering with massive debilitating headaches daily.

After messaging back and forth with Daneé for a couple of months, here are her words in this heart-wrenching interview with a Healthcare Hero who was just trying to do her part and help humanity.

Learn About What Daneé Dixon Has Tried Including:

  1. Her Full Story of Why She Chose To Be Among The First To Receive The Vaccine
  2. What Symptoms She Began To Notice First
  3. All About The Tests Doctors Have Put Her Through
  4. The Results of Her Medical Tests
  5. What Medications She's Tried To Rid Her Body of the Vaccine

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