Is Tyler Perry Studios a Duplicate of the White House? See Photos For Yourself

Tyler Perry Studios Is a Former U.S. Military Base Located Near Atlanta & Yes, It Has a Full  Full-Scale White House Built 

With a two-minute search directly on Tyler Perry studio’s website, one can easily find the full-scale REPLICA of the Oval Office and a fake White House – all constructed on a former U.S. Military Base in Georgia. So do you think this fake White House could be used for a phony President? And is the US Military really in control to prevent civil war? 

Anything is possible.

After mass mail-in voting and multiple proofs of election fraud in the November 2020 US Presidential Election, it’s hard to believe Beijing Biden is still alive, much less accurate. His ears aren’t matching, his hairline has changed, and the weird imagery of the leader of the free world begins to surface. Nothing about #STOLUS, the illegitimate President, Joe Biden, was normal.

The press room is not what we saw when Trump was in office. The events look like they are in a cheap hotel conference room. And when mainstream media, aka the Tell-Lie-Vision, held “at White House” press conferences, we have proof they weren’t really happening in the Rose Garden. There were times there was no one in D.C. 

Some of my producer friends immediately picked up on the windows, walls falling apart, duck tape in areas, and other Hollywood movie production mistakes.

Here, look: (Click ANY Image to enlarge)

It’s evident in some of the imagery, like walls that came apart or a parking lot with a truck in it, outside the windows of the Oval Office, when the actual Oval Office has utterly different scenery outside the window. 

Here’s another photo of the same “hopeful” set from a different day:


See side-by-side images of both Trump and Biden in the Oval Office.

Notice the wallpaper is different for Biden. My designer friends are screaming – “the Biden administration changed the wallpaper, Christi!” I mean, I do design wallcovering, after all. It can change in a day. 

But. some architectural details do not align.

Notice: The WINDOW in Biden’s picture doesn’t exist in Trump’s, and the height of the woodwork on the wall is different for Biden versus Trump! Yes, woodwork can change too. And it would be typical of a Chinese regime to skimp on the scale and side of the woodwork. 


Ok, let’s say you’re not sold yet. I wasn’t 110% sure, either. It’s okay. I’m all for accuracy. Let’s keep going. 

Why was there a separation in the corner of the two Oval Office Walls? Look at the photo below. Is someone sending signals that it’s all COMING APART? Look over  Joe Biden’s shoulder.  Perhaps the stage hands didn’t do a good job wheeling the set together? Or did someone photoshop the corner? As a designer, I can make a project look complete on paper but add a line to make a wall look like a crack. So – let’s keep going. 

Strangely, the mass media never uttered a word about any of it. After all, they took part in the gigantic fraud perpetrated on the American people, so they did not want their role in the scam to be exposed.

Today, August 1, 2021, the Hal Turner Radio Show can reveal that a replica White House has been constructed on Fort McPherson, outside of Atlanta, Georgia. 

First, a map with the location of Fort McPherson:

Now, a closer look:

Now a very close look from the top:

Now, using the Google 3-D feature on its maps, we see the sides of the structure:

And here:

A FAKE White House for a FAKE President?

Shockingly {NOT}, Politifact labels this Tyler Perry White House theory pants on fire

The White House set is visible on Google Maps HERE.

Now, to pull this off, the conspirators perpetrating the potential lie of a Joe Biden Presidency would be the highest levels inside the US Military. And they would have top security clearance. They would not be allowed to say anything regarding this. 

On the other hand, we have President Trump stating in rallies that Biden is wearing a giant mask. Like an enormous mask, he’s ever seen. When he’s saying this, he takes his hand from his neck to the top of his head. If Trump is commander in chief, he must report the truth. He doesn’t have to tell it in a way that may seem believable to all.

Some think there is no possible way a fake White House could be built on a US military base without the cooperation of conspirators inside the military. The only problem is – in 2018,  Tyler Perry bought the old Army base. Therefore it’s not an army base anymore. It’s private property, and Tyler can do whatever he wants with his personal property. 

Do you think it’s possible that Tyler Perry could be a part of the plan?  Based on the 2018 purchase, I think he could be part of the plan.

It is worth noting that Fort McPherson is now closed, and Fort Gillem has been reduced to the Gillem Enclave partnership with Fort Gordon due to the 2005 BRAC commission (under the Clinton/Bush/Obama regime. Yes, they were all in everything together.)  On June 26, 2015, Fort Mac LRA became the owner of 145 acres of property on the former Fort McPherson in Southwest Atlanta, Georgia.  The property now houses the Tyler Perry Studios, owned by African American Tyler Perry.

Is it possible that Tyler Perry was more than willing to aid his phony President? Is he fake liking Joe Biden, or is he a real fan? Perry called for a “Biden Landslide” before the November election and was adamant about doing whatever it took to get President Trump out.

Tyler Perry endorses Joe Biden and says the Trump administration is the ‘worst reality show ever produced. I wonder if he still feels the same.

I don’t think we’ve heard from Tyler Perry since his brazen statements before the election. We may never know the truth.

However, the folks who’ve been hoping the military would come to the rescue of our nation and put a halt to the fraudulent Presidency should realize right now that no matter what – we must get off the couch and off of the fake US currency and off the voting machines and quit being lazy!

Even if the US military is “in on it” and is actively working to pull the wool over the eyes of every single American and the entire world, who’s going to take the place of the lying pedo-politicians? 

I think Jesus Christ and we are the plan and must rescue ourselves.

The research is proven – STOLUS stole the 2020 election. He STOLE-US! Well, not him, but his Satanic cult committed brazen theft,  but that was their intent. The perpetrators were not only in the Democrat National Party, but the RINOS (Republicans In Name Only) was the worst. They are like sheep in wolve’s clothing.

Our local governments must be cleaned up, and in many major cities and small towns, few people are willing to run for office to replace the corrupt politicians. 

This begs the question: Who is running the federal corporation calling itself the UNITED STATES?   More importantly, WHO is in control of the armed forces and who is in control of America’s nuclear arsenal. Remember, Trump never conceded, and we were shown the football (nuclear codes) in his power when he flew to Mar a Lago while Pedo-Joe was inaugurated. For those that don’t know that Joe is a pedo – click here to read Ashley Biden’s Diary. 

Countries around the world, seeing this story, will now understand that the United States Armed Forces do not appear to be under the control of any civilian constituted authority.   Those countries will now have to wonder if the protection they all enjoyed by having a SINGLE elected President as the sole controller of the enormous US nuclear weapons stockpile is under the command of unknown persons.

No one, anywhere, is safe.

This fraud must be brought to a complete stop by whatever means are necessary right now.






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