election fraud

The Election Fraud Color Revolution

The Election Fraud Color Revolution

Election fraud is real! Election fraud is a color revolution going on in each precinct.

This is not a blue, red, green, or brown issue. Election fraud is real, and it’s murky aubergine. We’re bringing you a a lot of various articles and points of view but no matter what – it’s important for every American to understand – our elections are stolen and paid for under the guise of George Soros and his numerous shell companies under the disguise of NGOs (Non-government Organizations.

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The Election Fraud is Color Revolution Transcript

For the sake of our resources & to get otherwise banned information out to the public as fast as possible, the transcript below is an unedited automated intelligence transcript of the video above. If you would like to volunteer your time to check the transcript and provide edits, please reach out & contact us (link to contact us page). We welcome patriots on the digital battlefield as we strive for accuracy.

Welcome to citizens for community media. I’m here in south bend, uh, with Dr. V Michael Jones. I’ve asked him to come on because we’re in the thick of this, uh, Uh, president-elect Biden verses he’s not the president and elect, uh, uh, war camps developing here and what’s developing, uh, is something Mike is super familiar with and has written a lot about.

And I think I don’t know where he’s going to go. Exactly. But I think he might start with, uh, Uh, 1953, and I ran, uh, I, I never get the word right. Mega do shoot mega. Uh, yeah, yeah. It’s Mogadishu most of the day. Most of the day. Yeah. Mohammad, most of the day. So 1953 was an important year, uh, because it was the beginning of the world.

As we know it now, the, uh, the uh, new security state finally kicked in the CIA was. Approved, uh, 1947 when Harry Truman was president is one of the biggest mistakes he ever made. He lived to regret it. He said when after Kennedy was assassinated, uh, 10 years after 53, he said that, uh, it would become a rogue operation and nobody was in control.

Uh, indeed, the elected representatives were not in control. So the dynamic is already there. Okay. Who runs the country? We have a constitution. Uh, we have provisions for elected representatives being the representatives of the people, and the government is supposed to be run by them. But some people think they’re smarter than the people of the United States of America.

And they infest agencies like the CIA CIA was recruited. Originally, all of the CIA members were from skull and bones at Yale or some other secret society. Yeah. Well, you, you can see the dynamic yells at an elite school, solid skull and bones is an elite society within an elite school. And these guys know better than the people in the United States.

So don’t hinder these people from doing what they know best, which is at this point, fighting communism. And we all know we have to fight communism. So what’s your problem here. Well, this attitude, uh, you know, beginning with the anti-communism crusade just grew, it grew, and it grew, and it grew. And these people, this group of people, took over the government of the United States of America.

So, uh, but it began in 53. And so we have, uh, the, the situation in Iran, uh, the Iranians have had a, uh, democratic elections. Uh, and, uh, most of the dag is a popular leader. He nationalized as the British, uh, oil company, exploiting Iranian resources with virtually no payback whatsoever.

Okay. Now we’re at the Dawn of the oil era where you need lots and lots of oil. Uh, one year later, uh, the United States starts on one of the biggest construction projects in human history, otherwise known as the interstate highway system, uh, which was a kind of stupid idea, to begin with, because if you notice it’s the same system in the Bronx, as it is in Oklahoma.

And if you’re in the Bronx, you do five miles an hour, and you’re lucky you think you’re lucky if you move at all. And if you’re in Oklahoma in 75 is too slow. So it does; it doesn’t make sense, but then, the automobile lobby wanted it. They needed, they felt that they needed to be paid back for their contribution to the war effort.

And they got it, and we’re stuck with it. And it wrecked cities across the country to wreck them. Uh, we haven’t a new, uh, system. This all started right around this time. So in 53, uh, the United States had already made a deal with, uh, Saudi Arabia. Uh, it’s way back from; I believe it was Yalta, the conference during world war II.

Um, President Roosevelt stopped off in Saudi Arabia, and he saw, he saw the way it was going. We need oil. And so he made a deal with the family of sod that, okay, you, you, uh, you sell us your oil at a reasonable price, and we’ll protect you from anyone in the United States. Military, the most powerful in the world, protected you.

So they made the deal, and that’s fine. And they gave the Saudis—a pretty good deal. Uh, the fact that its Aramco has been around for this long to this day is a sign that it was a pretty good deal because both parties were satisfied. At this moment, all the United States had to do in time was to offer the Iranians the same deal.

And they would have kissed our hand because of rainy is love, Americans. Uh, in spite of everything, they would have kissed our hand, and we wouldn’t have had any conflict, but no, what you have here is the old elitist mentality. Per pervading the whole atmosphere. Once again, what is this elite? Well, we feel, uh, we, uh, people from skull and bones who went to Yale like William F.

Buckley, we feel more of an affinity to the ruling class in England than we do to the working class in America, who happened to be our fellow citizens. Pat Buchanan talked about this. It was called the great rapprochement at the end of the 19th century. They were impecunious British Lords, like Randolph Churchill, who went to America, looking for, uh, Yuh, wives who were the children of fabulous American industrialists.

Uh, and they submitted these marriages, and Winston Churchill was, or that marriage. So, um, they abandoned common sense. The elites were in charge. It wasn’t the people of the United States who made this decision, and they decided that we’re going to try out something new now, and it’s called psychological warfare.

And this was, in many ways, the first real attempt to do it. So Kermit Roosevelt goes to tech, Ron, and what you do is you buy off the media. Okay. You buy them off. It’s easy to buy them off. You can buy the damn thing if you’ve got enough money, but he could buy them off probably even more easily. And you, once you secure them, you are the people who are going to be responsible for the narratives.

And then at that point, you there’s an election, or you don’t even need an election, but let’s, let’s say, there’s assume there’s an election. You claim that there was a fraud, you got the people to agitate, the people go out onto the streets, and now they’re being egged on by the newspapers and the TV and the radio.

This was stolen. Well, now they’re saying there’s fraud in ours, and in the past, they never really made it. A huge issue. It’s never been as polarized as it is now. And the media has never been more powerful. Once they get that powerful, so you control the media. That means you control the narrative.

So it’s the same thing. Any banana Republic, if the military engagement crew data, the first thing they do is send in the tanks and the tanks around the radio station, and then you control. So the president can’t get one of the radio. And so we’re going to tell you what’s going on. Well, the th it’s, um, you’re starting to see similarities.

I take it. So Twitter is now banning Trump. Twitter is now more powerful than the United States of America. So back to harass it’s, it gets out of control. Kermit is, uh, has the shot raise up? Pallavi, his father, had been a king or whatever he was in Iran. Uh, uh, during the 1930s, this is a son, sounds like a good prospect, except that the kid is scared to death and runs away.

What are we going to do now? The thing failed. And so, uh, Kermit gets a call from. Langley in Virginia. And they said, look, it slopped, you know, sorry, you did your best, but time to come home, and Kermit says, no, no, no, I think we should give it another try. And so Kermit brings the shop back, ratchets everything up again, and the whole thing collapses, and he succeeds.

And most of the day falls, and the shot is put in his place. And that has been causing problems ever since because it was, it, it doesn’t, it’s not right. What they did was not right. And you can’t have a firm foundation where it’s based on injustice, but what we, that what happened here is that we set the pattern for what came to be known as the color revolution.

So they, one year later, let’s do it again. Let’s do it in Guatemala. Okay. Can you just tell us, give us the five, the five things or whatever, you know, what is the color of the blue? Okay. So for, first of all, you need a way of overturning, uh, over deposing, a government. How do we depose the government? The crucial factors are, uh, usually an election, uh, and the media, uh, involvement in, uh, tabulating the election or certifying the election.

Once you control those things, you can pretty much depose anybody. And that’s pretty much what they did because no one knew because of the media where, you know, we’re just starting, this is just the rise of television. Just the beginning of television. Uh, the radio was easy to control. Uh, there’s only one radio station, two radio stations.

Maybe they’re easy to control. And also the, uh, you’ve got the newspaper. So, and a lot of them either you can buy them all off, and they were totally on the side of Kermit Roosevelt and the CIA into her. And in 53, Kermit Kermit is one of the sons of, um, Frank Franklin. So he’s like the third one probably.

Yeah. Famous family. And so he was there and one of the early, uh, participants the, in the CIA. So, uh, once you establish that you can keep doing it, and they do it over and over and over again. And nobody seems to catch on. So let’s fast forward to 2009 back. Let’s go back to Tarana here, we are back into harangue again, and we got another color revolution called a color revolution.

The color is green. And so you got all these, uh, Iranians, uh, in a similar situation, they’re all wearing green bandanas and, and they’re all talking about, uh, how, uh, Augmentin a job shouldn’t have been elected. Okay. Within the job was the same situation that Trump is in now. He was a populist. He came to power, uh, after being mayor of tech, Ron, which is the biggest city there, huge city.

Nobody knows how many people live there. 13 million maybe, uh, it is 1945; there were 250,000 people in tarot. And now there’s 13, 14 million. Nobody knows how many; they can’t count that high. Uh, the oil grew up, uh, after the automobile, no trains, every monumental traffic jams, wherever you go. Uh, it’s just part of life.

So you can’t get, you can’t escape. It. It’s just; it’s not a pleasant place. Suppose I had to choose, I mean, very nice people. I’ve made a lot of contacts there, but if I had to choose a place to go on vacation, it would not be Terran. Okay. High-rise buildings, traffic jams, not my idea of a good time. So now you’ve got the same situation.

Uh, the elites don’t like Augmentin a job. They think he’s too aggressive with the United States. They want to get along. They want to do business. Let’s dial it down a little bit, but the people like them, and the people elected them. So what do you do? Well, you say you were alleged fraud, and then you get the people out on the street.

And then the next crucial element is someone’s got to die. So there was a big demonstration in front of the BCG, and then suddenly someone starts shooting now because you control the media, the media, you’re going to say it was Augmentin, a job which gave the order to do the shooting. We’ve been through this before in Syria.

Yeah. Assad is killing his people. How many times did I hear that? From the dominant media. And then they’ve got a guy, you know, Mr., blah, blah, blah. And he’s God’s truth. And he’s sitting here in front of us, and he says exactly what CBS wants to hear, you know, about how, what a bad guy Assad is, you know, and then we’ll pass the billboard and nobody can read it anyway.

But in Arabic, it says, thank God for Iran and Russia. They’re saving us from the, uh, the, uh, uh, the ISIS crowd. So there, there, there you have it. And that’s pretty much what we have today—the same situation here in the United States of America. So now we’ve had, we have widespread evidence of elections. Nope.

Okay. So based on what you’re saying and just to go back, why is it, why do they say color revolution? Is it because it’s like the under the color of law? No, because they assign a color. Oh, yeah. What’s the color here? No, this is a colored revolution because we got black lives matter involved. So there’s no color here.

Okay. But the man, the man who perfected this, I mean, I’m jumping ahead. When I got to Tavern in 2009, watch what you need to do is go back to the period after the fall of the Soviet Union, 1991. Well, every virtually when all of these republics broke away, almost everyone had a color-colored revolution.

Uh, and, uh, the most recent example of that, uh, is Armenia. Armenia is now an independent country. There’s a large as, as with that whole place over there, the ethnic minorities, uh, ethnic groups don’t necessarily follow the boundary lines between states. So the Kurds are in Iraq, they’re in Turkey, and they’re in Syria.

Okay. And ethnic group, they’d like their Homeland. It’s not going to happen. It hasn’t happened yet. So the Armenians are all over the place. They were all over the place during the time of the Ottoman empire when there was no, there was no, their w there was an independent country, uh, for a while, and then it got absorbed into the Soviet Union where it’s, uh, so socialist Republic goes back and forth.

Well, now they’re an independent country, but there’s. Azerbaijan has a large Armenian minority. There is what they call it. The Armenians call it art SOC and the, uh, the R the Azeris attacked this enclave, and that coil force a reaction from the Armenians. Do you know what I mean? President waved the bloody shirt.

He started talking about the Armenian genocide. Uh, and we’re going to fight these people, and the Armenians volunteered, and they’re ready to go and fight for these things and battle back and forth. Of course, the one player here that nobody mentions is Israel, supplying Azerbaijan with weapons, sophisticated weapons, drones that are taking out the Armenian tanks.

And suddenly, it doesn’t look as if things were going well for the, um, For the Armenians. Uh, now Pacinian came to power in 2018 with a color revolution. Okay. And he, it was financed by George Soros. Now you’ve heard of him before. We talked about him before his background last night. Yeah. So if this were Fox news, we could not mention the name George Soros.

Because Newt Gingrich tried that, right? He was, he was upgraded by the info, babe. I forget her name, but anyway, uh, we, we don’t have to, we can’t bring up his name, and Newt gets this look on his face. Newt didn’t get the memo. You would think that someone is an insider like Newt would have gotten the memo, but he had; he’s mad about it too.

I think I hear him speaking out more than he normally does. You shouldn’t be mad because you should say the word George Soros and named George Soros. He’s the reason that is in power there. And Cassini had just sold out the people of art sock, the Armenians; he sold them out. He conducted a brokered, a separate peace, and nobody knows where he is because if they find him, they’re going to Lynch him; I don’t know what they do in the army.

But if it were Alabama, they would Lynch the guy. Uh, because he betrayed you. I mean, people, what do you expect? He’s out of Soros, puppet. He got in because of Soros’s money, except for them to die for Armenia. When he’s a Soros puppet, now that’s not true. I grew up, you know, in Norway. I mean my great grandfather, but the worst word was quisling; we grew, I grew up from GIC quisling.

Ooh. Yeah. So Kachin is a Quizlet and, uh, that’s, that’s the the the latest development of, of color revolutions. No, it’s not the latest developments—the latest development in America in 2020, where we have the same thing. So now we’re being set up. So to bring this all together here, we had an election. Okay.

As in terror and 53, the CIA, the oligarchs control the media, the mainstream media. They had been campaigning against Trump for four years now. They hate the guy. Trump has withstood every attack that they’ve thrown against him. And now this is the final attack, and we’re not going to take no for an answer.

And so they engaged the Democrats now engaged in massive voter fraud. No, no, the CIA haven’t; they always had an in with the media. I mean, they might marry somebody that’s in the media. I mean, aren’t they intertwined that. Yeah, you can say it’s the deep state. It’s the oligarchs; the deep state has to have media.

Now they have to have media control. Yeah. It’s just part of life in the 21st century. It was all; it was that way in the 20th century. I mean, the media are the, are the most important factor in psychological warfare. Psychological warfare is the preventing of unauthorized communication amongst subject peoples.

That’s Christopher Simpson’s version in the science, of course. But as far as the PR, you know, in the media, you can almost locate, this is my thing, I guess, but you can almost locate back in grade school in high school. Who’s being groomed to be the media spokesman. I mean, they just don’t come out of, you know, out of the blind.

I mean, they’re no, that’s why we have Harvard and Yale. And we have someone like people show our people. This is sort of to bring it back to south bend. We were, and that’s this four years ago when it was the religious freedom restoration act, that was the local version of this minor version.

And it was a contest between representative government and oligarchic power, and Indiana failed the test. Mike Pence was governor; then he’s now vice president. And, uh, he failed because he didn’t understand what was going on. I maybe he understands it. Now, maybe this is the whole sure. I mean, let’s, let’s hope.

Let’s hope he can figure it out now, but he was on meet the press back then. Uh, this was all about, can you, uh, uh, force people to Burke bake wedding cakes for gay weddings? And the pre goes on, meet the press, and say, well, it doesn’t just discriminate against homosexuals. Well, he doesn’t know what to say.

He’s complete; he doesn’t understand what’s going on. He says, look, this is not about homosexuals. This is an assault on representative government. That’s what he should’ve said, dismiss that, smack that info, babe, in the face. But Trump, but his background, he didn’t have an answer like that. Just instinctively.

You just have a quick, a gift for the quick comeback. So it’s been an attack on representative government. That’s what it is today. Okay. But it’s an advance because now we’re not talking about some religious freedom restoration. I can an insignificant state like Indiana. We’re talking about the presidency of the United States of America, but it’s the same conflict.

The people, what got it wrong. It’s like, why does it look if they elected Trump? They are so stupid, but they shouldn’t be allowed to make these decisions because everybody knows that Trump was ridiculous. He got the hair. I mean, if we were, if we had a truly educated Republic here, we have truly educated citizens of the sort that go to Yale and Harvard, they would have chosen.

But he didn’t make it through South Carolina teams make it to second. There’s another example, too involved in making it harder for him to get through South Carolina. Well, I’ll only Alon knows that maybe when I get to heaven if I ever get there, I’ll find out what role I played in this. But we were one of the first groups that started talking about the reality of the situation and that, Pete, look, it’s not, we’re supposed to think, oh, he’s a homosexual.

Oh, let’s focus on that. Well, really. What homosexuals are our proxy wars for the oligarchs? And that’s what he is. He’s a proxy where he is. He went to Harvard. Gosh, Harvard. I wish my son could go to, well, wait a minute. My son did go to Harvard. Wait a minute. What’s going on? What’s wrong here, but they think something they haven’t figured out yet.

No Harvard to try out. You get in. So you can try out to become a member of the poor salient or in Yale skull and bones. So he can be a loyal, uh, devoted follower of oligarchs and do their bidding. And that’s Pete succeeded, massively. He never represented the people of Indiana. Never, never represented the people of south bend.

South bend was a stepping stone in his career. Never whenever it came to the will of the people of south bend. If it didn’t go along with the oligarchic agenda, Hebrew leads out; he didn’t care about the will of the people, the abortion clinic classic example, where they Sue the city council, the hardly known for its zeal and the right to life movement approved, uh, the alternative or veto the, uh, the abortion clinic permit.

And he overturns it. Because he’s there, he’s a console, and he’s there too to ensure that the, oh, the proles in south bend don’t do anything that upsets the oligarchs. That’s the form of government that he represents. And that’s what this is about. Well, we, we’ve made a God out of the ICU and got out of money, and they have the money, and they have the IQ.

That’s right. That’s right. We have to bow. Yeah, it’s fine. Look, it’s sipped. So if, if you get a high score and your SATs, you’re smart, right? I mean, it’s, it’s the same thing right here. If so, facto smart. You know, we’re not supposed to talk about cheating on the SATs, like the Jews at Kaplan prep course cheating on that.

That’s Nicholas Lemon’s book, the book when, when Steven took on the leading Jews of the day and put them in their place, uh, He had just been appointed a little deacon to take the hand, you know, wipe the tables. Yeah. They didn’t like that. Huh? So here it is. It’s representative government again, and the oligarchs who do these people think they are electing Donald Trump.

We need better voters. Oh yeah. It was deplorable. And now we’re despicable, yeah, we’ve gone. So, so. So they vowed. So the deep state is being threatened, and they have fought this guy the whole time. And every time he appointed somebody, it turns out that the guy he appointed doesn’t represent him or his view.

It represents the deep state that he’s fighting against Amber how the whole alternative media, the underground fax system. Okay. And that was with Randy Weaver at Ruby Ridge. Well, who do you think was defending the guy that shot Randy Weaver’s wife? Who William Barr that’s my, but I read, okay, well, this is, it started at Ruby Ridge.

That’s where the under alternative media, the underground fax system, and then Koresh, you know, it led to Ruby, um, led to, um, Waco. What you’ve got, these are situations. In general, where the FBI is involved in creating the very incident, they protect us from what may have a difference there. But, uh, we had this just in the election.

We had the attempt to so-called attempt to kidnap Gretchen Whitmer, the governor of Michigan, foiled blind by the FBI. Thank God. The FBI is well; Trump was saying if it wasn’t for me, I mean, what do you, you know, I rescued you. It turns out that the, uh, she was, there were, uh, six guys, uh, uh, maybe 10 guys, and they were going to kidnap her and take her, hold her on a boat in the middle of Lake Michigan.

I’m not making this up. Okay. And it turns out that, uh, Dana Nessel, the Jewish lesbian attorney general, is also a product of Soros’s money. I hate to mention Soros again, but it keeps cropping up here. Uh, she held a press conference in which she said we could not have done this without the help of the FBI.

So five days later, after she says that the conspirators get prosecuted, the first thing the lawyer says, the only person who was advocating violence in this group was the FBI infiltrator. So it was an agent, and it was entrapment. And it’ll go the same way. That the whole history thing went here, uh, four years ago also in Michigan Kalamazoo?

No, I think it was; I don’t remember. Southern Southwestern, Michigan, uh, six guys in a trailer park with a 22 single action rifle and three bullets. And they’re going to overthrow the government of the United States of America. Thank God. The FBI got involved. We, we, we barely dodged that attempt to overthrow the government.

Okay. So again, as soon as the defense lawyer, as soon as the trial ops, the defense lawyer says, well, wait a minute, the only guy who was advocating violence, it turns out he’s an FBI agent. So w we’ve got, so now, now we’ve got a situation where the FBI is collaborating with Dana Nessel. Who hates Donald Trump, who was in cahoots with Gretchen Whitmer and her Jostle, and the secretary of state who used to is associated with the SPLC.

Right. Okay. Yeah. They’re real athletic one. So, yeah. Uh, and the FBI is working with these people to overthrow the United States of America president by a man appointed by Donald Trump. Donald Trump had appointed the guy who was head of the FBI. So this, you realize how, how the oligarchs will not take no for an answer.

And so, there was massive fraud in Michigan. There’s are pivotal states, massive voter fraud, and Pennsylvania, Wisconsin. 110% of the people registered voters showed up to vote, which is laudatory. I mean, we didn’t have to give it to the people was constant. It’s a lot of effort. I mean, they always say give 110%.

So in the heyday of communist elections, only 99% of the people would show up for the election and vote for the only available candidate. But we’ve gone beyond that Wisconsin, 110%. Thank you, Wisconsin. So massive voter fraud. And now it looks to me as, uh, that, uh, uh, that has, that is an idea that will get you banned from social media.

Now, if you start talking about election fraud, you will be banned. And so what happened, uh, is that, uh, the story kept spreading and the media, the mainstream media. Uh, you know, their line, you know, their line because they are so over the top with these stories, like, uh, it’s not all we have to call this guy.

Uh, president-elect Joe Biden while waiting. He hasn’t been elected yet. We haven’t even counted the votes yet. The electoral college has not made any type of decision here. We have a month to go before the electoral college comes together. All we have are the news media. Well, we’re back at square one. We were back in Iran in 1953.

Now because the news media agree that Donald Trump has been, has been elected well, even Fox news. And so it turns out that the Jew who’s the head of the decision desk at Fox news betrayed Trump. So much for gratitude among this group of people and another group, another guy, interestingly who betrayed Donald Trump is not other than his closest friend, Benjamin net Yahoo, or your neighbor.

You’re, I mean, you’re a high school, high school buddy. Yeah. Yeah. Who, uh, uh, congratulating Joe Biden or winning. It’s not; you know he didn’t win that. Why aren’t you doing this? I was watching, you know, there’s so much on the internet on this, but some guy, I think it was a psychiatrist, was courting. I think his name was Del Ruple, and he was saying, dealing with communism.

And, but the goal is, is to make it such an obvious lie and then make the people live that lie. I mean, act like it’s true. Yeah. A lie. Yes. And then you’re completely docile because you’re imposing this lie on yourself. So we have articles like Jill Biden. The first lady elect is not going to quit her job. Well, isn’t it.

I mean, we’re having a human interest story about people when your husband hasn’t been elected yet. Don’t you think we’re smart enough to know that? No. You don’t think that they are overplaying their hand here. They are way overplaying their hand in, in 2000. We had a contested election in Florida. And for 30 days, the only news was about Florida.

So you at least admitted that there was a conflict. Now you have a contested election is a whole different magnitude, and they’re entirely suppressing any type of. A discussion of it. They had, they had, I saw a scene like the two top Fox, maybe Brett bear, and then the lady, but the lady, the real, pretty lady for Fox, was on there.

It was pretty right. And her guest was a halt pretty. You get the joke. And the guest was a homely lawyer woman from, um, uh, DC. And so the th the discussion was the homely lawyer is saying, well, hold it here. How could you be president-elect? That’s up to the. Uh, the authorities, you know, and the pretty one just looks at here with the stain, you know, and goes, well, we’ve declared it.

You know, mean we’ve declared it. It was like, I mean, in your face. Well, the New York Times said that the press declares the winter. So it’s like, it’s like, well, every time, you know, every time I look at this thermometer, you know, there’s a temperature there, you know, does the thermometer create the temperature?

Did this thermometer make it snow? Aren’t you pressed? I mean, you’re an investigative journalist. That’s one of the big parts of your identity. I mean, you’re good at getting into stuff. Why can’t, I mean, they have more authority than you. Yes. Oh yes, they do. I know that it comes as a shock to you, but it’s true because I don’t write for the New York times, and you can’t right now for even, even they had this editor who was, you know, by our standards completely politically.

Correct. And she got driven out of the New York Times. Uh, so it’s this, what you’re seeing is this fanaticism now that has just taken off, it’s like a, a moral panic. It’s like the Salem witch trial. You know where suddenly everyone is infected by this craziness. I mean, everyone on, on that side, uh, and, uh, uh, huge polarization now.

So it looks as if so it’s going to, so what we said four years ago is now coming completely true. It’s going to come down to a contest between representative government and the oligarchs in particular there, but what happened four years ago, in a sense, we won. We were able to shift the narrative locally here.

And then the idea was that it might’ve had a domino effect. It might have the narrative that we shifted here carried over to South Korea. It went, it went to North Carolina. So after it left here, suddenly there was. Pre, I mean, you forget about it, but there was this big issue about gender-neutral bathrooms, you know, and that became the issue, and they were threatening to remove the, what was it?

Is it the super bowl that was going to be in North Carolina or something like that? If you don’t go along with gender-neutral bathrooms, we’re going to pull the plug on the Superbowl, and you guys will lose that George $500 million, and you can’t, I don’t do that. I’ll know. And finally, some guy, a legislature in a legislature tour in North Carolina, wakes up, and he said because this isn’t a tackle and representative government.

Well, it took about four states before the dime dropped before people started talking about discrimination against homosexuals or transgender people as if that were the issue. That’s not the issue. That’s a joke. It’s a representative government. And you, you, I don’t care these losers in Indiana, they elected you.

I don’t care about that. Who cares about India? You do what you’re told, and we’re going to tell you what you’re told, and now we’re going to exactly the same thing. The media have gone into a total frenzy over a kind of negative frenzy, if that’s possible, where it’s not so much that they are, uh, ferocious in their attack.

They’re ferocious in suppressing the very news that they’re supposed to read reporting. So 2000, it was a contact contest between gore and Bush. Oh, that’s that? Sell newspapers? When you got a contest like that, I mean, I have to get up every morning to did gore win or did Bush win? You know, I keep going to the th the, uh, the NFL football is way down.

This is my lot more interesting than, uh, Aaron Ragland is not being touched at all night. We’re not there. There’s no contact. The only time it’s mentioned is when, like Trump, the lunatic has delusions that there was cheating. Hold on. Wait on me; I got a little 10 dentures. Aren’t you? Is that reporting, or is that paid sick time?

I like that. Mike Flynn has an attorney. Cindy, Sidney, a Paolo. Yeah. And she gets up, and she goes, well, you know, every state, sometimes one out of a thousand, when they fill in the blank for president, they, they don’t do the Senator. So like maybe out of a million, you get a thousand that didn’t do the Senator well in Michigan and these places, because it’s 150,000 instead of a thousand, because the pull the operation off, they just had to go present and they didn’t have time.

Yeah. And I was talking to Mike doing the show here. He because he understands how the computer works. He goes, they wouldn’t have been able to do the whole thing. Well, no, I know it. No, no. I w I was, uh, uh, I worked at the polls here. I was ahead of the polls for years here for elections, and they had big machines weighed about five tons that they’d roll in, you know, and you pull a lever, and a little number would click in the back.

And then, at six o’clock, you close the polls. Yeah, but, but all these male, NC, rather than it’s confusing, the whole thing, you know, mailing, when you go here to vote here, you have to show your ID, but you don’t have to show anything, you mail it. And so the potential for fraud has in the crawl. Uh, and then there’s a computer thing.

How do you know the computers registering of what you’re doing? And then we got the stories now of. Uh, well, the CIA developed a computer, a computer program that can go into the election computer and change the results hammer and scorecard. Yeah. So w you know, oh, okay. You know, more than I do I’m I was never in the F in the CIA, this guy was, he said that they developed it.

Well, let’s take what he said and see if the results parallel that like, in the middle of the night, suddenly a hundred thousand votes came in, and they were all for Biden. That seems unlikely. And then you get on the internet. You’ve got people to have videos of the air force, Navy air force, military jets flying in with the balance.

You know, I mean, it’s fuzzy. Here’s the, you said in Tiran, it seems like for this color revolution, what they want, they almost want you to think there’s fraud. You have to; you have to cast. So they don’t; they went either way. They can’t. No, it’s, this is what’s going to happen here. So we’ve got a, uh, So I’m going to make a projection.

I’m going to say that the courts are going to overturn Biden’s election and Trump will be, uh, embark upon his second term in office as soon as that becomes clear that we’ll be riding in the streets. So that’s the next part of the, do you think? Okay. But do you think, okay? We know that Jesus was crucified because ponchos pilot, knowing he was innocent, caved into the fear that.

What if he didn’t crucify him? There’d be an insurrection. Right? Okay. Doesn’t it. The Supreme court is like Pontius, a pilot. Isn’t it possible that they can chicken? They can not do the right thing. Look, you see that. They’re not really comparable if you’re talking about punches pilot; he’s one, man. He’s a representative of a hated empire.

Everybody knows he’s on the other side, and those people are right there. Okay. And they could storm, you know, he’s got guards, there were swords, but you know, how many, how many people could he’s the danger to his life was imminent. I don’t see that in the Supreme court. I just don’t see it now. That’s not to say that they couldn’t see.

I forget there. Now they just go to your house. Now they go right to your house. Yeah. Well, they know that, and they know that, and they, what we had was a lesson. Uh, during this past summer of the George Floyd rise of what to expect. So do you want your, do you want these people in your neighborhood threatening to burn your house?

Everybody’s got a gun now they’re waiting. So that’s what put Trump in office. I think that’s what put Trump over the top. It was the fear of, uh, over law and order—the same thing as 68. Uh, now it’s Donald Trump is the only one who understands the only one I can vote for. Who’s going to protect me from black lives matter and Antifa is pretty clear.

I can’t depend on my democratic mayor, lesbian, Jenny Durkin, Notre Dame, graduate. She’s not going to protect me, and Seattle can, Ted. Wheeler’s not going to protect me. He’s a pawn of Antifa. All you need is a good social worker to help you get through this. There’s the, whatever the guy’s name is in Minnesota.

Uh, Minneapolis. Where they did what he’s a liberal who does what these people tell him to do. And now crime has skyrocketed because he’s crippled to police. Do you want that? No, I don’t want that. I don’t think most of the American people, they, they, we know what, they’re, what they’re planning.

We’ve seen it big saying the earth is flat. I mean, oh, let’s get rid of the police. The earth is flat. I mean, w where are you coming up with this rid of the police crime will increase. Well, yeah, there’s a criminal element. Who feels that they can now act out with impunity. There are certain cities where this has already been the case.

Largely university cities like Columbus, Ohio, where the people, the students there are in total fear. Of being, uh, assaulted or robbed because the police have basically they’re standing down, they are in Columbus. Yeah. I just got a report on that or what the police were sort of told to stand down in Chicago, and there are results.

Does anybody even know the theory behind funding the police or assist is raw propaganda? I mean, what’s the theory that we’re all good people. The series is that the police are responsible for the murder of George Floyd. The police, if we didn’t have police, we wouldn’t have, uh, these unpleasant confrontations where the cop pulls his gun.

The white cop pulls his gun and shoots a black guy. It’s obvious that the only problem here is that white cop pulling that gun and shooting that black guy. So you removed the white cop was the gun. Suddenly these black criminals can commit crimes with impunity. Well, the only reason why he got that situation in Philadelphia.

Okay. Again, I hate to bring this up, but as I read, Krasner is the Jewish prosecutor. There is a Soros guy. This is Soros money. As soon as he gets in, he’s not going to prosecute black-related crime, marijuana, stuff like that. Okay. Well, guess what? The criminality increase. And as soon as the criminality increases, suddenly you got this black guy with a knife going after a cop.

Well, the cops shot him and killed them. I saw that. Okay, let me explain this to you, but it wasn’t. It was, he was; he had a mental problem. It wasn’t any handcuffs. And I understand you may have a memory. You probably do have a mental problem. If you think you’re going to be able to subdue a cop with a knife when he’s got a gun, you’ve got to be crazy.

And the point is, if you want to live a long productive life, don’t do that because you’re going to end up dead because the cop will shoot you. And it’s self-defense, and he’s the agent of the law. So w what’s the big deal, but that led to a riot. And then they had to send to the national guard because the city of Philadelphia is incapable of enforcing the law, largely because of Larry Krasner, who won’t prosecute crimes.

And it turns out, wait a minute, they’re all over the place—Kim gardener in, uh, St. Louis. Where we had that big, uh, we’ve talked about that before the whole statute saying, okay. And instead of prosecuting a criminal, she’s going after the McCloskey is because they were going to defend their house. So this, this is the mess that we’re in.

But as I said, you know, we understand it better now than we did before. I mean, if you, if you have the minds to perceive what’s going on, you can see pretty clearly what’s happening. But, but based on, um, 1953 in Iran, you’re saying that the pattern is that. You see, you have an election, and then there’s a fraud, and you kind of want them to know there’s fraud.

So the other side gets mad, right? So, so they don’t. So if they win and nobody just ignores the fraud, you win there. Then if they go crazy on the fraud, or you win there. Well, basically, that I challenged right now. So basically, you’re facing the forces of law. Let’s call them Donald Trump is facing precisely this dilemma.

If you win. Th the, the revolutionary, as I said, basically, okay. If you go along, then you leave the white house. Okay. If you’re successful in contesting the fraud, then we will burn down your cities, the cities of America, including why. Well, I, I, I just had somebody, uh, say that the, uh, somebody, a younger person in the twenties saying that’s exactly how a lot of her friends are feeling.

Biden to avoid. How could, how could anyone, how could a loser like Donald Trump ever win an election? All of my friends, you can just see it on Facebook. It’s just the chatter on Facebook. You know, everybody I talk to hates Donald Trump. He couldn’t possibly be, well, maybe honey; maybe it’s because you’re talking to a small group of people.

Maybe that’s the whole point of Facebook to give you the impression that there are all these people who think just like you, uh, when it’s an illusion. Yeah. But when you, when it’s three trolls in the Tel-Aviv pressing buttons. Yeah. But when you were in fifth grade, you could, I mean, you could have hated that teacher.

And then when you had kids, and you put in fifth grade, not that you would send the public, then you send them to the teacher that you hated why who was a good teacher. So the fact that they hate Donald Trump, what’s that have to do with anything on whether he’s doing a good job running the country. So the question is, do we have the rule of law or not?

That’s what this issue is right now. There’s no other issue. Do we have representative oligarchs who can change the laws in their favor? They could argue that all the time. Then they say, well, we’re under the rule of law. What are you complaining about for years? I mean, basically, it was government by the rich and for the rich of the rich.

That’s what it was. Everybody knew that that’s what got Donald Trump elected. We were, you were there and south bend, you know, when the big rally took place to put them over the top two parties, we represented oligarchic interests because they pay you to do this. And this is submerged that issue. Okay. So, for example, uh, Jackie Walorski got swept in or Donald Trump’s coattails here.

Well, you don’t represent the people of south bend. You’re you; you signed a pledge for the Israel lobby; you support the Israel lobby. Uh, you support the military-industrial complex. And if, if people here can get, you know, some decent-paying jobs making Hummers, that’s it, that’s the end of the story. We get the crumbs that fall off the table.

And, and the people who contest it, uh, never contested the right issue. So we even a couple of years back Joe Bock, remember Joe, we, we, uh, we put it on the public access. We were on, uh, on YouTube. So Joe Bock ran against Jackie; Joe Bock had been living in Palestine. Wait a minute; you lived with Palestine.

I’ve never lived with Palestinians. So, Joe, this means you’ve got, you found her Achilles heel is Israel. Oh no, no, no. That’s right. No. I interviewed him here on the public access, and I pressed the Israel, uh, question, and he was all for it. He was behind in the election. He had nothing to lose. That’s why he came on.

His advisors, when they saw, I press the issue, which got them all excited because that’s what was his, that’s who he is. He’s Mr. Middle east. And he, you know, he’s getting all into it while he was instructed, I guess, that he was supposed to avoid that, you know? And so they said, well, we can’t play that.

They’ll say you don’t; you’re not going to play that. You’re behind. He got, no, you have nothing to lose. So where w who’s representing. So, so this is all, all of this stuff now as being pushed to the side, because who cares about Jackie right now? Of course, she’s a stooge of the Israel lobby. Of course, that’s true, but we have bigger fish to fry because the situation has gotten worse.

It gets worse and worse and worse. And you just ignore that. Oh, that’s that was yesterday. We got a few fees, you know, our very existence while it’s true. It hasn’t gotten worse. Okay. But that doesn’t change the problem that doesn’t change the dynamic. It’s the same dynamic. Do we have a representative government, or are these people simply pawns of, uh, the, the rich and the oligarch?

I mean, people are just, I mean, they, I mean, they’re flabbergasted, it’s like the nine 11 trade towers and that the German guys interviewing Trump, you know, they interviewed Trump the first day. He said, well, it obviously bombed that brought it down. Well, then the German guy talks to him from Germany in Germany and then in German and English.

And he says, Mr. Trump, we thought the buildings, the trade towers were built to handle jets, hitting them what happened? And Trump goes, yeah, but, you know, we forgot about when people want to become kamikazes, you know, what can you do? Do you know? And it got 1600, uh,

they. They don’t need it. I mean, it’s, the fraud is so obvious. It’s so obvious. So lets the bright side. We know this has been quick. Now the whole, the reaction to the fraud is within hours. I know it nine, 11, only 11. It took years. Pearl Harbor. How long did that take Kennedy’s assassination? How long did that take?

I don’t think it’s ever been resolved. I mean, that was pretty much an open and shut case. It was closed before, and then you’re watching, you know, Jack Rubinstein come in murder. Uh, he’s got connections with Meyer, Lansky, and he’s, but no one’s talking about this. It was just shut down immediately. Oh, you’re in, uh, Louisiana.

He’d come into the paper, but he’d never; he didn’t go anywhere. No. So, but now we’ve got suddenly we realized, no, this is. This is happening right now time. And we got to do something about it. So you’re going to Washington. Yeah. I have a friend, you know, um, uh, he just called me today. He said, let’s go. And so there’s going to be a big protest in Washington on Saturday about the stolen election.

Yeah, that’s the theme. Okay. Who’s going to cover it. Do you want me to take any bets? No, that’s what I said. I said, hold it here. This is Alex Jones. And, and uh, I said, I don’t want to be going into a trap. So he said, well, we’re going to, you know, we’ll be careful if we smell something because you know how they’re going to try to label it, show up.

I heard a million. Okay. I bet you it’ll be like the rights of life March. Every, every time that happens, it’ll be like the, you know, be like the anti-COVID, uh, protest in Berlin. Now you can take a picture. It’s the same place. It’s the, uh, from under the, where exactly the stars, but you can see the Brendan burger tour in the background, and that’s a certain area, and you can look, and it’s nothing but people.

And so when it’s the love when it’s George Floyd protests, it’s the same number of people, and that’s a million people, then it’s the anti-COVID protest, and it’s the same place, the same number of people. And it’s 13,000. Well, it’s like the number of volts, trunk guts. Do you want it? Would you take bets about it?

The report that’s going to come out in the Washington Post. Now, this is the Washington Post. This is a local story for the Washington post-Jeff Bezos. And now, yeah, they bought the thing, and they can’t; they did nothing but the campaign against Donald Trump for the entire election. They didn’t even come close to doing journalism.

This is not journalism. This is, this is the propaganda ministry for the democratic party, but what’s going to happen. Okay. So if Trump wins and this movement kind of wins, they’re going to kind of sweep nine 11 along with it. So what’s the well? Let’s look at what let’s look at; what will happen if Trump wins someone? Can we go back and look at all of those articles that we’ve just been reading this week about president-elect Biden?

Let’s take it even further. Uh, one of the biggest scandals to come out of this thing is that the United States Conference of Catholic bishops congratulated president-elect Joe Biden on his victory. Well, wait a minute. He hasn’t won yet. And then they went on to say he’s the second Catholic president of the United States.

So why haven’t they won yet? Hey, the election hasn’t been called. No, but they’re in there. They’re all in the rector. You are watching Fox News for the last ten years, and Fox news told them all. So, so what is going to happen to the credibility of, let’s say, the Catholic bishops. Now, as a group, they have endorsed this voter fraud, the old-timers who don’t feel like automatically just caving into everything.

No, maybe the young people are used to, yeah, let’s have peace. Let’s have peace. Alzheimer’s may not be that way. Well, we’ll see because there’s going to be a sudden, a massive loss of credibility. The most part, for the most part among the mainstream media, who at, which was, they were on their last legs, to begin with in terms of credibility, they had nothing to lose.

Well, they, they, they had, they were desperate. I think that they felt that this was maybe this is their battle of the bulge. Maybe this is an all-or-nothing situation. I think that they had that sense of panic. There’s Trump gets in for a second term and sees the end of the world as we know it. And they pulled out all the stuff, jobs; both sides think it’s due that they overplayed their hand.

And now, now their hands. Now you’re going to have Doug Collins, who was the pit bull defending, uh, defending Trump against impeachment. He lost the election in, uh, Georgia against the girl. So now he is Trump’s point, man; they’ve succeeded in making Georgia say, we’re gonna, we’re gonna do a full audit.

We’re going to do a full recount. And um, another one is canvas, and Doug Collins is going to be a pitfall pressing it. And then all the other states are going to have to fall suit. So you’re going to have Wisconsin is going to have to do it. Uh, I don’t; this is Hitler losing the battle of the bulge. He couldn’t have one, to begin with, but they thought they had to do it.

I think Hillary could’ve won that battle. I think it was just; they ran out of gas. They could, they came close, but it was one of those decisive moments. Like, like it’s this, we gotta win this, or it’s all over. Yeah, we got to get to work. We got to get to those, that gasoline. We got to get the gasoline and tour to put in the tanks, the diesel, whatever it is, we just got to do it, and they didn’t do it.

And they in the gym, one guy said, you know, try to get him to surrender. He said nuts. Yeah. Nobody knew what that meant.

The guy who said it was half German. I’m sure. Anyway, I split it and miss it.

On the that’s terrible. That’s what’s the type of conversation it was going on in the command controlling the German army. So I’d say it’s a defining moment because this is the moment of a representative government. Do we have a representative government or not? Can we elect someone? That the oligarchs don’t like, well, as we were saying that the breakfast Saturday, somebody brought it up that basically with Ginsburg dying, if she hadn’t died, theoretically, the Supreme court could, did she die?

Theoretically? I’m saying the Supreme court might’ve decided the other way, but wait a minute. You, the third. The Circuit court of appeals overturned her death. Oh, didn’t you know that well, so I’m D I’m saying, is it providential? Obviously, everything is confidential. There’s nothing outside of God’s Providence, but this has that kind of resonance of the resurrection.

This, I can just feel that sense of resurrection here. I mean, what was the greatest catastrophe in human history? The Jews just murdered God. I mean, can you think of anything? They crucified God. I mean their Messiah, they missed the boat on top of that. They crucified. I think we messed up slightly, you know?

Well, I guess we’re walking back to the upper room, and we’re thinking, you know, God, what do we do now? We thought he was God; we thought this was the beginning of something really big. And now he’s dead. What do we do now? And then suddenly. The tomb is empty. I mean, it was like the complete reverse of the absolute worst thing that ever happened.

It turned into the absolute best thing. Nobody believed that at first, it was the women that reported it and nobody would believe a woman back then run down. You know, John runs down there, and the tomb is empty. Well, this was I; I get the sense of reversal here. I finished. I finished when I finished the Jewish revolutionary spirit.

I said the reversal is in the air. Yeah, it is. It’s been a while. It’s been 11 years, and there’s been a lot of strife in that 11 years, but I still think reversal is in the air. And I think this is going to be an example. I think that I think that I just see it. I don’t; I don’t see any. It’s going to depend on God’s mercy.

I mean, it’s gonna depend on crying out, and God intervenes and blesses us. I appear with a blessing; maybe we don’t deserve to hear the cry of the poor. And I guess the Lord hears the cry of the deplorable. Uh, and this is going to be the revenge of the deplorable. I just that’s my son. I’m going out on a limb here.

I mean, no one knows the future, but I mean, you know, we all have to act as if we know the sun’s going to come up in the morning. You know, we all have to act as if it’s going to get cold in the winter. You know, and you better get the warm clothing out. We all have to act on these, even though we don’t know the future.

And I’m saying, this is, this is where I see it going. And the main evidence, I think, is the hysterical tone among the mainstream media. And on that note, we got to end. Okay. Okay. Um, Dr. You Michael Jones. Uh, this is citizens for community media, and hopefully, you take this back to your community and get people to, uh, to look into this issue, uh, deeper.

So until next time, Peter Helen.



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