Americas Most America’s Most Wanted John Walsh Uses Florida CPS System To Obtain Custody of Three of His Daughter’s Children

Unchecked Power of Privatized CPS Can Be Weaponized Against Parents In the Light Of “The Best Interest of” When Grandparents With NO Rights Become Angry 


According to court records, the adoption date for the three children is still on the court docket despite Meghan Walsh filing an appeal for the Termination of Parental Rights trial that she endured in August 2022.

Whistleblowers that have come forward to provide evidence and connections to the judges, sheriff, businesses, and medical providers are all operating under the disguise of “The State of Florida” is indeed trafficking children.



How John Walsh Daughter’s CPS Case Can Change Florida Law Without a Single Legislature Vote

When America’s Most Wanted & Best Known Dad, John Walsh, and his wife Reve lost control of their then 38-year-old daughter and her children, they used the CPS system and their local Sheriff’s department to get their way.

All of the lawsuits began shortly after Thanksgiving 2020. Reve Walsh bit Meghan as she was holding one of the children at the John Walsh Indian River home. Meghan met with her therapist, who recommended she take a break from her parents until further notice. John and Reve would not stay away from the Meghan Walsh home.

John & Meghan owned the mutual home where Meghan lived with the children. John filed a petition to force sell the home in November 2021. The $375,000 proceeds were held in escrow for over a year while he sued her for the full amount. Another Indian River Co. Judge Rules All $375,000 Of Daughters House Proceeds Paid To John Walsh.

Parental Rights Could Be Forever  Changed By John Walsh Daughter’s Ruling

When cases are allowed to stand in the court of law, they become “law”. This means every other similar case can use the ruling from this case to control parents. Fortunately, Meghan Walsh understands this and has filed appeals in the cases. Continue reading to see how the Florida Department of Family & Children’s Services weaponized against all parents when Mr. Walsh used them against Meghan. We also employ readers to subscribe as we have some past evidence from the Adam Walsh case. As Americans, we must pray for the truth to be revealed.


Below is the full story breakdown, as we at Patriots Perspective know it, with links to other research and facts. Please contact us if you have retractions of evidence that our research is wrong. We understand that all stories often have four sides, yours, theirs, mine, and somewhere in the middle is the truth. We welcome any and all parties to tell their stories. The data below are court documents, rulings, and interviews with Meghan, her attorney, and witnesses.


Physical Altercation on Thanksgiving 2020 | Reve & John Walsh Made Demands To See Their Grandchildren


During Thanksgiving 2020, Meghan had an altercation with her mother, Reve Walsh. No charges were filed. Meghan told Patriots Perspective she considered filing charges, but she knew her powerful father had control of the Sheriff’s department and connections with other agencies such as the FBI, and Scotland Yard, among others. Meghan says she had no chance for a fair police report against her mother, so she resorted to her therapist’s advice.


Afterward, Mr & Mrs. John Walsh began demanding to see their three grandchildren. At the advice of Meghan’s therapist, she refrained from the abusive relationship with her parents at the time and focused on building a separate life with her children.


In the State of Florida, Title V Chapter 39 Section 509, grandparents have no rights unless it’s a situation where one parent is deceased. In this case, they desperately began contacting and utilizing the fathers of Meghan’s three older children to see their grandchildren. Only one of the four fathers responded to Walsh’s wishes to help them obtain custody of their grandchildren. Therefore the bombardment of lawsuits began.



Parenting Petition Filed by Oldest Child’s Father Who Had Never Requested Visitation 


The first legal lawsuit was a Parenting Petition brought forth by Nicholas John Lavorgna against Ms. Walsh. The Petition was filed on March 16, 2021. Mr. Lavorgna alleged he was the father of Ms. Walsh’s oldest daughter Eva Walsh. Lavorgna & his family, including his mother, have always been aware that Lavorgna was the Father of Eva. During their relationship Meghan told Lavorgna to simply contact her if he ever wanted a relationship with his daughter; otherwise, she would not bother him.


In his petition, he claimed he completed a DNA test. Later it was discovered the DNA test was completed under the direction of Mr. John Walsh, the mother’s father. Without a single outreach to Ms. Walsh, nor paying child support for the then 8-year-old daughter, or attempting to visit his daughter in her home, under sworn allegations under penalty of perjury,  Mr. Lavorgna cited claims provided by the nanny hired by Reve & John Walsh. The allegations question Ms. Walsh’s sanity, religion, health, and lifestyle. No physical contact or crimes were alleged.


Despite abandoning a daughter he claims he was unaware of, Indian River County granted Mr. Lavorgna in-person overnight visitations. At the same time, Meghan Walsh was only permitted zoom visits with Eva and her other two young boys.


Mr. Lavorgna also used the exact attorney that John Walsh used one month later to petition the sale of Meghan’s Vero Beach home. He is seeking to adopt Eva, permanently separating the almost 10-year-old child from her mother, brothers, and new baby sister. Lavorgna also asked the court to force Ms. Walsh to take out a life insurance policy and place him as the beneficiary, claiming she is a drug addict.



Three Children Removed From Meghan’s Home Under Probable Cause In Emergency Parental Petition Hearing

The Parenting Petition resulted in an emergency court hearing. On April 14, 2021, in a court proceeding, Judge Cynthia Cox made a call to Child Protective Investigative Services (CPIS) based on Mr. Nicholas John Lavorgna’s sworn statements. The next day, April 15th, 2021, a TICO hearing was held, and hours later, Meghan’s three minor children were removed from her home. Under an Emergency Shelter Order, the children were placed with their grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. John Walsh.


There were no physical abuse allegations or a single altercation between the mother and her children. No criminal charges or criminal allegations were disclosed or alleged. On April 15th, 2021, Communities Connected for Kids (CCK)  workers contracted by the State of Florida aka CPIS, CPS, Child Protective Services & Department of Family & Children Services, Child Protective Services or DFCS, Department of Family and Children Services became involved. The investigators working for CCK went to Meghan’s home to complete a one-time check based on the allegations. The mother did not answer the door based on her constitutional rights. A few hours later, her children were removed from her care by the CPIS workers.  Ms. Walsh was never investigated, asked, or informed about what was occurring. To this day, CPIS has never so much as even entered her home.


To remove minor children in the State of Florida from their parents, the Department of Children and Families Services must show probable cause that the children have been abandoned, abused, or neglected or are at imminent risk of abandonment, abuse, or neglect. Probable cause is a legal term; the definition of probable  cause is as follows: [One must provide facts and evidence in a case to lead any reasonable person to  believe that the party had committed a crime.] 


What Were the Allegations In Mr. Lavorgna’s Sworn Statement Against Meghan Walsh?  

The State’s probable cause on the Affidavit and Petition for Placement Emergency Shelter alleges marijuana use, mental illness, pungent odor of feces emitting from home, and refusal to speak or allow CPS into the house.


Most of the allegations are based on the affidavit by a nanny hired by the maternal grandparents Reve & John Walsh. The allegations include questioning Meghan’s mental health, animals pooping in the house, too many deadbolt locks on the door, blinds closed preventing the public from peeking in the house, the children had never been to the dentist, and the children being religiously homeschooled (yet only one child was school aged). Furthermore, the Mother would not allow her children to receive the emergency use authorized vaccination for Covid-19 and other religiously exempt medical treatments.


One of Meghan’s two brothers, Callahan Walsh, also made Allegations. He is the only one of the Walsh children employed by his father as a producer and star of In Pursuit With John Walsh and the National Center of Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). Callahan has not seen Meghan in years, nor has a relationship with her. In an affidavit, Callahan alleged that Meghan believes in conspiracy theories such as “reptilian conspiracies” and the “Illuminati,” and she is “too consumed with conspiracies and smoking marijuana” to be a mother.


Meghan, Hollis, and I went on Nicholas Vineamen’s show to cover the allegations and what’s normal in the State of Florida. Click here to watch the video that caused Nicholas Veniamin Youtube Channel to be Permanently Removed After Airing Meghan Walsh’s CPS Allegations.



Meghan Walsh Trial by Indian River Co. Judge Michael Linn

In June of 2021, Ms. Walsh endured a four-day trial for her children, contesting the removal. One day prior, Mr. John Walsh had his daughter falsely arrested. The allegations claimed Meghan falsified information on an indigency form. Ms. Walsh denied the allegations.


At that point, Ms. Walsh sold her car to afford an attorney. While in transport, the Department of Family & Children Services applied for an automatic jail transfer for the next day’s trial. Ms. Walsh was in booking for 5hrs and bailed herself out. Charges were dropped after the trial concluded.


The Appointed Honorable Judge Michael Linn oversaw the trial proceedings. Aurora Medina, Melissa Cline, and Pilar Harris were the present Communities Connected For Kids Prosecutors, aka the State’s Prosecutors.


John Hubbard was the Attorney representing the Guardian Ad Litem. Mr. Gregory Hyden represented the father, Nicholas Lavorgna. John Walsh, along with many of his employees and beneficiaries.


Ms. Walsh was not permitted any out-of-state witnesses; no evidence was filed, evaluations were ignored, and she was given only the last day to plead her case.


Within just a short time, Judge Linn read his ruling finding all witnesses for the state credible and that Ms. Walsh was not credible. Mr. & Mrs. Walsh were granted custody of Meghan’s three older children.



Judge Linn Approved Vaccinations and Medical Treatments That John Walsh & His Wife Desire 


Since the Judge Linn ruling, the grandparents provided anesthetic procedures, medical treatments, haircuts, and other duties, violating Meghan’s parental rights.
ProSe Meghan Walsh Files Lawsuits Against Judges, Attorneys, & CPIS Based on Conflicts of Interest

While pregnant and fighting for her children, Ms. Walsh served each participant in the injury of her and her children with Notices of Liability via Certified Mail. When filing with the Indian River County Clerk, Ms. Walsh was denied.



Meghan Walsh ADA Rights Denied 

The following morning when filing in Port St. Lucie, she and her ADA Advocate were told by the clerk’s legal team that they had already been contacted and told not to file the Notice due to the names involved.   In most cases, Meghan represented herself ProSe, and all have been denied.  ADA federally protects rights.  All recipients defaulted on the Notice. Ms. Walsh sent and filed the Default Demand in Florida’s 19th Circuit Federal Court. A case number and judge were assigned.



Megan Walsh’s 5-Day-Old Baby Taken Under Emergency Shelter Court Order. 

Based on the other three children’s removal in 2021, the Indian River County Court Order by the honorable Judge Robert Meadows issued an Emergency Housing Order to remove five-day-old baby Esther. CPIS alleges information that was used to remove the first three children, and other allegations include that Meghan “peppered social media with conspiracy theories.”


After reports of sheriff’s deputies surrounding Meghan’s home for over two days, TGI Podcast documented Baby Esther’s removal by CPIS, the video itself has over a million views across multiple social media platforms. The podcaster John Corapi that documented Baby Esther’s removal was arrested, charged with a felony, and later charges were dropped. 


During the time surrounding Esther’s removal, the courts dismissed the case due to a missing form that is to be submitted for its reopening.


To date, Baby Esther is in foster care with limited visitations with Meghan and the other children. Baby Esther was offered to the maternal grandparents, but they declined shelter for the baby. 


Permanency Hearing Must Be Held At Least Every 12 Months 

Florida Statute 39.621 states a permanency hearing must be held no later than 12 months after the date the child was removed from the home or within 30 days after a court determines that reasonable efforts to return a child to either parent are not required, whichever occurs first. The purpose of the permanency hearing is to determine when the child will achieve the permanency goal or whether modifying the current goal is in the best interest of the child. A permanency hearing must be held at least every 12 months for any child who continues to be supervised by the department or awaits adoption.


Conflict of Interest John Walsh Ties To Indian River County Sheriff’s Department & County Officials

The Indian River County CPIS system is in charge of providing parents like Meghan with everything from in-home services, monitored visitation, and drug tests to psychologists, doctors, and professionally trained workers that they must report to.  The judges create the court orders to demand parents comply with CPIS services and then decide their fate. Indian River is the same county where  Meghan’s father, John Walsh, openly campaigns for Sheriff Eric Flowers. The Indian River Sheriff’s department commercial for Sheriff Flowers was filmed on Walsh’s Indian River farm.



Meghan Walsh Was An Outspoken Advocate For Other Parents Claiming CPS Fraud

As her four minor children’s future is placed on the scales of justice in the same Indian River County working with the same privatized CPS, the Child Protective Service department known as CCkids.net is aware that Meghan once advocated against on behalf of parents. Meghan is a National Victim’s Rights Advocate and focuses on CPS and Family Court Corruption to protect our country’s children and families.



Court Appointed Attorneys Did Not File For a Change of Venue or a Writ of Prohibition  

Neither Ms. Walsh’s court-appointed nor private attorneys requested a change of venue nor filed writs of prohibition to prevent judges with conflicts of interest from trying the cases. The court-appointed attorneys failed to provide Ms. Walsh proof of required reports from Child  Protective Services, nor did they ever deliver essential documents to Meghan or file evidence before trial in preparation.

Documents requested include costly court transcripts that are normally free under the court-appointed attorney privilege. To have a chance to bring her children home, Meghan is forced to raise money to obtain private legal counsel and to pay for exorbitant court fees, document fees, filing fees, and any case plan requirements that CPIS or the Courts may require.





Ms. Walsh Thought She Obtained Permission From the Court To Video Record All Expert Medical Witnesses  During Her Personal Medical Treatments & Examinations


Communities Connected for Kids (DCFS) is locally contracted with a company called Shanlis. This company has a team of leading forensic psychologists who testify for or against parents in court.


Shanlis was the CPIS’s only provider given to Meghan for specific parts of the CPIS case plan for psychological consultations. Already having distrust in the system as an advocate and a severe conflict of interest between the Sheriff’s department and her father’s openly broadcasted connections, Ms. Walsh simply wanted to audio record all her sessions at the organization. Shanlis completes psychodiagnostic tests and evaluations, neuropsychological evaluations, and expert reports that the Courts rely on for the Judge’s ruling.

Ms. Walsh simply wanted to record her private psychological sessions for her personal records and court records to complete her CPIS case plan on time to regain custody of her children. The Court ruled, allowing her to record one doctor in the group but not mention the others. When receiving the ruling, Ms. Walsh was unaware that CPIS would require her to see another doctor in the same office or that the order only applied to one, not all.

It is not uncommon for one doctor in medical practice to perform a psychological exam and then recommend a new assessment. If so, someone in the same office typically completes the second exam.


One of the contracted Shanlis doctors, owners & principal, Dr. Theodore Gregory Willams, has prior disciplinary & administrative complaints.


Brought forward by the Florida Department of Health, Dr. Williams was disciplined and fined for conducting medical services such as not obtaining written informed consent and allowing other unlicensed doctors in his practice to diagnose patients. None of Dr. Wiliams’s State of Florida discipline records were brought forward by the court’s appointed attorneys. The court-appointed attorney could have filed a motion to obtain permission to record each doctor individually; they did not.
Child Protective Service Worker Who Testified On Meghan’s Behalf In Court Fired Days After Trial 


One of the caseworkers who transported and spent the most time with Ms. Walsh and her children was terminated after she testified that Ms. Walsh’s relationship with her children was positive.

They started the children often cry and must be pulled away from their mother when their visitation ends.

One of the workers has worked in CPIS for eight years, but she does not have a college degree; in prior trials, her degrees and training were sufficient for DCF, but this time they were not. She is now not considered an expert witness even though she witnesses common motherhood duties and a bond between Ms. Walsh and each of her children. A second caseworker also testified on Ms. Walsh and her children’s behalf and has since left her position as well.



At Trial, The Third CPS Supervisor Had The Case For Less Than Two Months and Claimed They Were Still Exploring Options For Ms. Walsh To Complete The Court Ordered CPIS Plan


The witnesses for the court system against Meghan Walsh are all hired and paid for by the State of Florida through funding to Indian River County and the Department of Family Services division called Communities Connected for  Kids (CCK). At the time of the termination of rights (TPR) trial, Ms. LaChristie Rosier, the NEW and THIRD CCKids Supervisor, had been on the case for less than two months. Ms. Rosier informed the Court that CPIS was “still exploring options” and that she followed the case plan notes to help Ms. Walsh.


However, at the end of the trial, the State’s attorney called Ms. Rosier back to the witness stand, where Ms. Rosier announced that they had found a provider. Ms. Walsh’s counsel could not obtain the provider’s information directly after the statement was made to the Honorable Judge Robert Meadows.


As standard in a case with multiple children, Ms. Rosier as the CPIS supervisor, is required to set up all four children for the required CPS doctor’s visits, provide parents with communications reports, and become a witness for the State Attorney. For a short period, Ms. Rosier worked with Ms. Walsh to set up the doctor’s appointments with all children, and all parties were carbon copying Ms. Walsh’s counsel as requested in prior emails. Shortly after, CPIS and Ms. Walsh began communicating regarding the providers under the direction of the State’s attorney Melissa Cline, Esq. Ms. Rosier was told by Ms. Cline to inform Megan that if she had a problem, to have her private lawyer call the State’s attorney directly.


Meghan continues to make every effort to work with the CPIS Supervisors and case plan managers.  Ms. Rosier is working through the State’s Attorney. 


Backstory Of the Meghan Walsh Child Custody Case Lawsuits & Coincidences in The Trial Dates Being The Dates  Adam Walsh Went Missing & His Head Discovered 



Thursday, November 26, 2020 – aka Thanksgiving 2020 – Reve and Meghan Walsh get into a physical altercation after Reve Walsh started filming Meghan and her children without her consent and taunting her. She then bloodied Meghan’s face, pulled her by the back of her hair, and bit her while she was holding her baby. Meghan wanted to call the police but didn’t because her father is the one with a relationship with the Indian River Sheriff’s Department.


December 2020-March 2021- Meghan took the advice of her counselor to pull back from her family and began working on her personal family. 


March 16, 2021 – The first legal lawsuit was a Parenting Petition brought forth by Nicholas John Lavorgna against Ms. Meghan Walsh


April 1, 2021 – April Fools Day Meghan Served with The Parenting Petition Roadside Surrounded By  Unmarked Vehicles with her children present.

While driving down the road, Meghan Walsh was pulled over by multiple unmarked vehicles to serve the Emergency Parenting Petition Initiated by Mr. Lavorgna.  Deputy Michael Dilks oversaw the initially claimed traffic stop in street clothes, which was ultimately a summons serving, not a traffic violation as first claimed. No tickets were issued. Dilks works for and has a close relationship with Sheriff Flowers and Mr. Walsh.


April 14th, 2021 – Judge Cynthia Cox made one phone call to DCF at the beginning of an emergency court hearing; she stated that due to the allegations, she needed to call DCF before conducting a hearing. She then ruled that there was no emergency and that the parties were to resolve the issues at hand amicably.  


On April 15, 2021, John Walsh filed Housing Petition using the exact attorney the oldest child’s father, Mr. Lavorgna, used for Parenting Petition


Using the exact attorney that Mr. Lavorgna used approximately a month earlier, on April 15, 2021. John Walsh filed a  Housing Petition to force-sell Meghan and her children’s home. She was unaware the deed was in her and her father’s names. She was told the house was a gift from her parents. Stable housing is a CPIS requirement for minor children to be reunified with their parents or guardian.


April 15, 2021, Maternal Grandparents Reve & John Walsh Obtain Temporary Custody of Their Three  Grandchildren 


From the beginning, John and Reve Walsh obtained temporary custody of the three older children. They received special permission to take them out of state to Skaneateles, Fingerlakes, NY, for summer vacations. Mr. & Mrs. John Walsh also failed to notify their daughter and legal mother of the children of critical formal requests typically required from foster parents. Requests required by CPIS normally include permission from the custodial parent to conduct or use anesthetic for non-emergency surgical or medical procedures for the children, cut their hair, or provide physically altering procedures. All these were done without her knowledge or consent. Mr. and Mrs. Walsh claim they love their daughter but also refuse to speak to her in any regard stating this is tough love and at the instruction of Gregory Hyden. Mr. Lavorgna does the same and refuses to speak with Ms. Walsh or work together amicably for their daughter. When a person obtains temporary custody from the State, they are still required to inform and get permission from the parent; in Meghan‘s case, this never happened. The grandparents had Meghan’s oldest child undergo cosmetic surgery without the mother’s consent, nor did they inform Meghan of the surgery.


June 2022 – Third CPIS Supervisor Appointed To the Case, Prior Two Supervisors Received Promotions


July 27, 2022, Original Trial Date for Termination of Parental Rights, Coincidentally This is the Same Date Adam Walsh Was Reported Missing From The Sears Department Store 


Mr. John Jordan, the court-appointed attorney, arrives in court & refuses to provide Meghan’s new private counsel with a trial strategy, subpoena list, or past transcripts from other hearings to prepare for the trial.  Before trial, Ms. Walsh emailed Mr. John Jordan, her court-appointed attorney, requesting documents. The Attorney was appointed by Judge Robert Meadows, the ruling judge. On the date of the trial, Ms. Walsh was able to obtain Hollis E. Mandell to assist with the case. Prior, Meghan requested Mr. Jordan obtain past transcripts, a trial strategy, and an overall plan for her case. When Ms. Mandell asked for the trial strategy and trial binder from Mr. Jordan, he refused to provide any details, transcripts, or information, claiming attorney-client privilege. Ms. Mandell stated that the privilege remains with the client, and Ms. Walsh waived the privilege immediately in open court. Mr. Jordan refused to turn over any of his work.


Judge Robert Meadows Sets New Trial Date for August 10, 2022; Coincidentally, This Is The Same Date in 2918 That Adam  Walsh’s Severed Head Was Discovered In Indian River County


Ms. Walsh retained The Law Offices of Hollis E. Mandell as her private legal counsel. Ms. Mandell tried to file a notice of limited appearance to work alongside Mr. Jordan, whom Judge Meadows appointed as Ms. Walsh’s court-appointed lawyer. Judge Meadows would not accept the partial appearance and told Ms. Mandell she needed to file a notice of appearance and take on the case completely solo. Judge Robert Meadows rescheduled the trial for August 10 & 11, 2022. He also scheduled the Trial for Baby Esther for the same days as the TPR trial.


On August 10, 2022, at 6:58 am, Ms. Mandell filed a Writ of Prohibition as Judge Meadows has clear relationships with the Indian River County Sheriff’s Department. 


August 10, 2022 – 9 am Termination of Parental Rights Court Hearing Started 

While Child Protective Services claims they are still exploring options for the one alternative parental evaluation service advisor, Ms. Walsh took the stand in a closed TPR trial to regain custody of her four minor children. With only her legal team allowed in the courtroom for the trial, 40-year-old Meghan Walsh, a long-time Vero Beach mother, took the stand.  The hearing is closed, and no other details can be discussed by any parties.

According to the Realtor Association of Indian River County #247006, the home Ms. Walsh and her children were residing in sold for $375,000 on November 12, 2021. Ms. Walsh’s half of the proceeds disbursements are being withheld by her father, John Walsh, in Escrow until a hearing on August 30th. At that time, a judge/mediator will determine whether or not Ms. Walsh will receive any part of her half the funds. Mr. Walsh has also petitioned to recover all taxes, expenses, cable, insurance costs, and attorney’s fees for the home from Ms. Walsh’s half.

While they have unlimited funds and three separate attorneys against Ms. Walsh, she and her newly hired private lawyer,  The Law Offices of Hollis E. Mandell, have filed a Writ of Prohibition against the final trial judge, the Honorable Robert  Meadows, who has a direct long term relationship with Indian River Sheriff’s Department.


October 31, 2022 – Housing Petition Case Trial – Judge Rules 100% In Favor of John Walsh

This case too will affect Florida Law forever. As John Walsh defied 50/50 common shared property law, the judge ruled for him to keep 100% of monies that are typically split between two parties. These case typically only happen in a divorce. Divorce was referenced during the trial.

What can private citizens or corporations do to help Meghan Walsh?  

Meghan Walsh needs three primary things to complete her case plan to obtain her children:  

1. The CPIS’s Supervisor’s Attention is to provide the resources to complete the required case plan. 


2. Legal funds. Ms. Walsh requests support to raise at least $100,000 for legal fees. Her legal funds will most likely exceed $100,000 for the appeals alone. Supporters can give to the attorney’s office directly by sending checks made payable to The Law Offices of Hollis E. Mandell P.O. Box 551600 Davie FL 33355. Payments can also be made to the law office by Zelle at the phone number 954-791-1237. Meghan has established a GiveSendGo.com/MeghanWalsh or Paypal Meghan directly using the email familyfarmandfaith@gmail.com.


3. Pray. Please pray for Meghan and her children. Send prayers directly to Meghan via: GiveSendGo.com/MeghanWalsh.


About Meghan Walsh 

Meghan Walsh left her career as a notable fashion designer & artist to become a full-time mother and support her community. She was respected among fashion icons such as Karl Lagerfeld and her fashions were worn by A-list celebrities.

She earned a double bachelor’s degree from Elon University in Graphic Design and Painting and earned a  double minor in Eastern Religion and Philosophy.
She attended Parsons School of Design. As a contributing member of the  Tribeca Open Artists Studio Tour, Meghan’s artwork is featured in permanent installations in the lobby of the National Centers’ Legislative Building in Alexandria, VA. Walsh’s oil paintings are in the private collections of the late Helen Boehm of Boehm Porcelain. Her work is featured in Vogue Taiwan and L’Official, among others. Ms. Walsh is a  community advocate for children and was the first host of the Breast Cancer Awareness Art Event benefit for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Due to her experiences, she took ample time to train and certify herself to be there for others in healing and childhood trauma. Moving on to full-time motherhood and homeschooling her children, Meghan began developing Family, Farm, and Faith Community Learning Farm and Retreat. At the time of her children’s removal, Meghan was in school for functional nutrition and a LifeVantage Distributor. Meghan is a Victim’s Rights Advocate focused on protecting our children and preventing of corruption within CPWS and the Family Court Systems.


About The Law Firm of Hollis Mandell  

Hollis E. Mandell has over 20 years of family law experience. She brings a unique perspective to family law cases with a  master’s degree in social work and as a former court-appointed attorney. Most recently, Ms. Mandell was the trial lawyer in Simonds v Perkins, representing a father in Florida Supreme Court. Ultimately the Simonds v Perkins case changed Florida Law regarding whether or not the biological father has standing when the birth mother is in an intact marriage, and her husband is the legal father.




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